Earn Globe Rewards at Booking.com

What is this promo?

By simply entering your Globe mobile number every time you book an accommodation through the Globe Rewards and Booking.com co-branded site at http://booking.com/globe, you'll get Globe Rewards points which you can use as cash from Globe partner merchants!

Bonus Rewards points? Cool! Is this promo open to all Globe customers?

Yup, this is open to all Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, and TM customers. The promo will run from January 15, 2016 to December 31, 2017.

What is Booking.com?

Booking.com is the world's leader in booking accommodations online. Each day, over 750,000 room nights are reserved on this site. The Booking.com website and app (available for iOS and Android) also attract visitors from both the leisure and business sectors worldwide.

How do I book an accommodation at the site?

You start by doing a search for hotels in a specific city. A list of accommodation will then appear on the search result page. Select a room type and then follow these steps to book:

  • Type in your name and email address.
  • Enter your Globe mobile number and credit card details.
  • Wait for the email confirmation that will be sent to you about your booking.

Are all Globe customers eligible to receive Globe Rewards points when booking with the Globe Rewards and Booking.com co-branded site?

Only Globe customers who provide their Globe mobile number when they book an accommodation at the site will be eligible to receive Globe Rewards points.

How many Globe Rewards points will I earn once I booked through the co-branded site?

That depends on the accommodation booking value that you availed. Check out this table for more info:

Booking DenominationsTotal earned points

What if I spent Php700, but the mechanics is Php20 points for every Php500.00? Will I get points for the excess Php200.00?

Sorry, but we will only reward you with points at increment values of Php500.00.

How soon can I get my Globe Rewards bonus points?

The points will be sent to your Globe mobile phone number 90 days after the end of the month of your check-out date. We will automatically notify you once the Globe Rewards points have been sent.

Can I earn points if I go through the regular booking.com site and enter a Globe mobile number?

Sorry, but only the co-branded site of Globe and Booking.com, that's http://booking.com/globe, will be able to reward you with bonus points.

Oh, I see. Will I earn points if I use the booking.com app?

The Globe Rewards and Booking.com partnership only caters to online bookings. This means that the promo benefit of Globe Rewards points will only be given to customers who book through http://booking.com/globe, the co-branded site of Globe and Booking.com.

I am booking more than one accommodation. Can I earn from all accommodations booked within the promo period?

Yep! All of your bookings will receive their corresponding bonus points.

That's great! My friend is a customer of another network. Can I put my mobile number under my friend's booking so I can redeem points from it?

Sure you can! As long as you book via the Globe and Booking.com's co-branded website.

Will my bonus points expire?

Yes, all Globe Rewards points earned during the current year will expire on March 31 the following year.

How do I check my Globe Rewards points?

Just text BAL to 4438 to check your available points. You can also check by dialing *143# on your Globe mobile phone and then dial "10" for Globe Rewards.

Can I get my rewards points before check in to the hotel so I can redeem a reward prior departure?

Sorry, but the bonus Globe Rewards points will only be rewarded 90 days after your check-out from your booked accommodation.

But what if I'm leaving on a trip? Could you reward my points in advance?

The points will only be sent to your mobile number 90 days after your check-out as certain validations from your booked accommodation and booking.com still needs to be done.

If my initial booking was only for a certain number of days and I extended my stay through the hotel, will I earn points for the extension?

Nope. You would have to re-book your accommodation through the co-branded site of Globe and Booking.com to earn points for your extension.

Can I pay using my points to book my hotel?

No, the payment for your hotel should be through the agreed terms of payment (example: Credit Card or cash). Don't worry as you can still use your Rewards points as cash in Globe Reward's partner merchants.

I'm a loyalty card holder of the hotel that I am making a booking for. Will I still get points for my stay even if I've already earned Globe points (and vice versa)?

Yes, you will still be able to earn points for your hotel loyalty card as these points are totally different entities.

I have other questions regarding my booking. Who can I contact?

You can send an email to Booking.com at [email protected].

Who can I call if I have questions about my bonus points?

Feel free to call the Globe hotline at 211 (for mobile) or 730-1000 (for landline)