Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration

What is the event about?

Disney's Ultimate Princess Celebration is the celebration of courage and kindness stories in the Philippines, inspired by the hearts of gold of our favorite Disney heroines.

Until when is the Ultimate Princess Celebration?

Globe and Disney’s events will kick off October 23. For the Rewards Donate campaign, this will be available on Nov. 5 and the whole campaign will be available until Dec. 15, 2021.

Can I choose the Princess Badges to use?

Absolutely! Click the link from the text you received then use your chosen Disney Princess character to share away and post on to your social media accounts.

What are the Globe activities we can participate in?

You can use your Globe Rewards points to donate to select beneficiaries in the New GlobeOne app and claim a Disney Princess Badge of Appreciation. For more information on the Ultimate Princess Celebration, you may visit https://www.disney.ph/princess

Where can I download the Disney Princess Badge of Appreciation?

A link to a microsite will be included in the text confirmation after your donation.

Sample message:

Thank you for donating 1 point to HERO Foundation! Your donation will help support the 261 HERO Scholars with their connectivity needs. You may claim your exclusive Disney Princess Heart of Gold badge from https://www.disney.asia/ph/globe Check the New GlobeOne app for more organizations you can donate to.