G Battle Zone Cup

What is this offer about?

G Battle Zone is the #ExtraGDayEverday Gaming offer. For this year's esports tournament, the battle is G Legends Cup for Mobile Legends and G Radiant Cup for Valorant.

The campaign will start on August 26, 2022 and will run until September 27, 2022.

Who can join this event?

  • Open to all Filipinos aged 16 years old and above who are currently residing in the Philippines
  • New and existing Globe Gamer Grounds players/users.
  • Teams and players that have played Valorant previously in the Philippine Pro Gaming League are eligible to play in the tournament due to the size of the market.
  • Open to all Globe customers who have an activated account in the New GlobeOne app.
  • All Globe employees and agents of Globe and their relatives up to the 3rd degree of consanguinity or affinity (e.g. parents, children, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, spouse, parents-in-law, daughter/son-in-law) are disqualified from joining the tournaments.

Note: All professional players who have played in the Mobile Legends Professional League are disqualified from joining the G Legends Cup

How to join?

Globe and its vendor, Mineski Philippines, will post via Globe FB page a call to register via Google Form:

  • The G Legends Cup will be the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports tournament form
  • The G Radiant Cup will be the Valorant esports tournament form

The Google Forms will require the following information from each registrant:

  1. Full name of customer
  2. Globe or TM customer (choose 1)
  3. Game ID (ML ID for G Legends Cup, Riot ID for G Radiant Cup)
  4. Screenshot of NG1 completed profile
  5. Screenshot of Globe Gamer Grounds completed profile
  6. Team Name
  7. Team Captain
  8. Team Captain’s email address
  9. Screenshots:
    • New GlobeOne app completed profile
    • Globe Gamer Grounds complete account profile
  • For those without the New GlobeOne app yet, they can download the app via globe.co/NEWGlobeONE or via the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • For Globe Gamer Grounds, members should go to globegamergrounds.com and complete an account profile

Upon successful registration in the Google Form, the esports organizer (Mineski Philippines) will reach out to the nominated team captain via email and send instructions on how to join the Globe Gamer Grounds Discord Server.

How will I know if I have successfully registered for the tournament?

Members will get a confirmation email sent from [email protected] to their nominated team captain's email address. Mineski will reach out to the nominated team captain via email and send instructions on how to join the Globe Gamer Grounds Discord Server.

In the event that the captain is not responsive, the team members can send their response and follow up their registration status to [email protected]

When can we register/timeline of activities?

  • Registration is from August 26 to September 7 - 11:59 PM
  • Qualifier Dates: Groups A, B, C, and D
    • G Legends - September 13-14
    • G Radiant - September 15-16
  • Playoffs Dates:
    • Day 1 - 7 - September 17 - 21
  • Grand Finals will be held at SM MOA Atrium on September 24, 2022


  • Team members  do not have to be from the same province for the qualifiers and the initial stages of the playoffs as these will be played online.
  • Teams will be able to edit their responses while the registration period is still open.
  • To cancel, teams can send an email to [email protected]

In case you experience difficulty accessing the form, you may email [email protected]

How many teams can join?

TeamNo. of maximum teams

G Legends

1024 teams

G Radiant Cup

256 teams

Once the maximum no. of teams are filled out, the Google Form will prompt an error message that registration is already closed.

I want to join both tournaments. Is this possible?

You may only join one tournament, due to possible conflicts in qualifying matches.

Where will player and team communications be held?

All player and team communications will be done on the Globe Gamer Grounds Discord server.

My team was not part of the teams accepted. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, we already reached the maximum number of registrants validated and qualified amateur teams eligible to participate. Remaining teams may still participate by watching the playoffs and joining other fun activities with prizes at stake.

How much do we win if we participate in the tournament?

All teams that reach the Playoffs (Top 2 of each bracket) are guaranteed at least ₱20,000 to be divided among their teams.

The breakdown of prize pool is as follows, applicable for both G Legends Cup and G Radiant Cup:

RankPrize money for full team

Champion Team


2nd Place

₱ 50,000

3rd Place


4th Place


5th-6th Place

₱ 30,000

7th-8th Place


What do I need to redeem prizes?

Payout to the nominated GCash accounts of the winners will be sent within 45 days after the event. Winners are required to have the ff:

  • Nominated FULLY VERIFIED GCash account
  • ID for verified GCash account
  • Signed authorization form of all team members to redeem prize in the nominated GCash account

Players may contact [email protected] for follow-up on prizes.

We have concerns about the offer, where can we inquire or report?

You can email [email protected]