Globe At Home Rewards Points

I'm using a Globe At Home Account, am I eligible to earn Globe Rewards?

Starting Dec. 10, 2020, all Globe At Home Postpaid customers, both wired and wireless (except for customers on GoUnli or Bayantel plans) can already earn Globe Rewards Points.

If you're still using a Bayantel plan, we suggest you convert your Bayan plan to Globe At Home now. To check for your account's serviceability visit under "Manage Postpaid Plan".

How would I know if my plan is WIRED or WIRELESS?

The Wired Volume Boost offers on the Globe Rewards app are only available for customers with Wired (w/ line cable) Globe At Home connections, while our Wireless Volume Boost offers are only available for customers with Wireless Globe At Home connections.

To check on which connection you have, you may inspect your Globe At Home modem.

If your modem is connected to a power socket as well as a cable connecting you to an internet port (a cabinet or facility outside your home, inside your condominium, etc), then you are on a Wired connection. This means you are on a Fiber, VDSL, or DSL connection.

If your modem is only connected to a power socket and not to any other cable, then you are on a Wireless connection. This means you are on a 5G, LTE, or similar connection.

Can I also redeem other offers such as Bench, Dairy Queen, and so on?

At the moment, you can only redeem Globe At Home Postpaid promo offers in the form of Volume Boosts. Stay tuned and we will inform you as soon as other rewards and freebies can also be redeemed.

What rewards can Globe At Home customers redeem on the Globe Rewards app?

For Globe At Home Postpaid customers without Unli plans, use your points for Volume Boosts to let you add on more data onto your monthly cap, so you can browse, stream, and play more while enjoying your plan’s subscribed speed.

Where can I redeem?

You may redeem via Globe Rewards app. For checking of your redeemed reward/s, you may view this via the Globe At Home or Globe One. Just make sure your contact details are all updated.


How do I register my Globe At Home account number?

1.) Ensure that you have downloaded the Globe At Home app and registered an email or mobile number. After 48 hours, you can download the Globe Rewards app to register (If you have done this already, please proceed to Step 2)

2.) Download/update the Globe Rewards app.

3.) Register your 9 or 10-digit Account number.

4.) If you have registered and validated your email and/or mobile number in the Globe At Home app, the Rewards app will get that information and you can choose to which channel you would want to receive the One-time PIN.

  • If you haven't registered for the Globe At Home app and provided your email and/or mobile number, please register first in the Globe At Home app. After 48 hours, you can register again to the Globe Rewards app.
  • You will receive this error notification if you don’t have a registered email or mobile number
    • "Whoops! Thank you for your interest in Globe Rewards. Please update your email and mobile number via the Globe At Home app at   and  try again after 48 hours.”

5.) Access your email or mobile number to get the one-time pin (OTP)

6.) Once you have the OTP, Enter one-time pin in the Globe Rewards app to finish registration

How do I earn Rewards points for my Globe At Home account?

Your Globe At Home account automatically earns Rewards points every month based on your monthly plan (P50 = 1 Globe Rewards point). Earn more points by upgrading your speed, availing of our SmartHome devices, and more!

How and where can I use my points?

You may redeem the following Globe At Home Postpaid promos in the Globe Rewards app:

WIRED50GB Volume Boost7 days50
100GB Volume Boost7 days100
150GB Volume Boost15 days150
WIRELESS25GB Volume Boost7 days50
50GB Volume Boost7 days100
75GB Volume Boost15 days150
Globe Rewards app "All Rewards" Catalog

I already have an existing Globe Rewards app on my phone, how do I include my Globe At Home number?

Go to Hamburger Icon then you'll view your Profile Details. Press ^ then look for Add Number


For multiple Globe At Home account, your most tenured account will earn and will be able to redeem the points.

I'm currently on a Wired Globe At Home plan, can I use my points to redeem a Wireless Volume Boost, and vice versa?

No, you can only redeem the available promos for your account type. You will be notified if the promo you are redeeming is not available for your account type. "We encountered an error.  Please try again later if you are in the middle of something."

I currently have an UNLI plan, can I redeem Volume Boosts or anything in the Rewards app?

No, you currently cannot redeem volume boosts promos or any promos in the Rewards app. We will advise again once we have more rewards that you can enjoy.

How do I know if I've successfully redeemed the promo?

After redemption of the Volume boost, you will receive a message in the Globe Rewards app if the request has been successfully submitted:

  1. You will receive this message in the Rewards app "We're processing your request. Once successful, your free Volume Boost will reflect in your Globe At Home and GlobeOne apps within a few minutes.
  2. The Globe Rewards App transaction history will show the transaction as "successful" - successfully created the request.

To check if the Volume boost has been successfully provisioned, customers need to check the Globe At Home app. They should see the redeemed volume boost added to their data wallet in both Globe At Home and GlobeOne Apps.

Screenshot in the Globe At Home App.


Some customers may receive a 8080 text notification upon successful provisioning of the Volume Boost.

Sample text below:

I don't see the Rewards Volume boost in the Globe At Home app?

Kindly wait for 24 hours upon redemption to see the Volume Boost in the Globe At Home app. If the volume boost is still not appearing, please raise the concern in the Globe At Home app.

Can I see my redeemed Rewards using the Globe At Home App?

Yes! Just click view details to know your redeemed offer. The Total GB reflected will include all Globe At Home Postpaid data promo wallet.

I redeemed a rewards promo but I want to subscribe to a regular promo for Globe At Home, can I do this?

Yes, the rewards volume boost is stackable with regular volume boost offers. You can redeem up to 4 Volume Boost promos (4 redemptions) in a day. 

Will the Reward promos extend the validity of the regular Volume Boosts promo?

No. The Rewards promo will not extend the validity of the regular Globe At Home promo you're registered to. It will follow the expiry from the day of provisioning. For Regular promos will follow the expiry of the promo redeemed.

How can I check the remaining data I have left for my rewards Volume Boost?

You may check the remaining Volume Boost data allocation of your current registered promos via the Globe at Home App. 

Will I see the Rewards Volume Boost in Globe One?

Yes, you will see your redeemed Volume Boost in Globe One.