GlobeOne Missions and Play

What is this offer about?

It’s GlobeOne's anniversary and we want to celebrate it with you with delightful rewards and points that you can earn when you accomplish quests from September 07 - September 30, 2023 !

You may look for the Quest floating icon in the app dashboard or via the popup after a qualified promo purchase.

Complete the following quests during the promo period:

  • GP: Subscribe 4x to Super Xclusive Go+99 or to GoExtra90 
  • TM :  Subscribe 4x to EasySurf50 Doble Freebie  
  • HPW: Subscribe 4x to FamSURF199  

You may view your progress by simply tapping the Quest floating icon or banner The stamps that are filled will indicate what level you’re currently at.

To know if you have successfully purchased a promo, a confirmation page on the app will be shown. You’ll also get a text confirmation from 8080.

For multiple accounts:

You can do the quests per account but once you have accomplished all the quests  you’ll no longer be eligible to play and earn prizes. You can join relevant quests for each enrolled account once (1x) throughout the duration of the promo period.

For example:

If you have two (2) enrolled GP accounts and two (2) enrolled TM accounts, you will have a different stamp card for each GP account and TM account - giving you a total of 4 different stamp cards.

What can I win?

Upon completing the GlobeOne quests you can win

  • GP: Up to BONUS 12 Rewards Points and unlock more exclusive treats from Globe Rewards!
  • TM : TeaM Rewards tayo dahil sa bawat promo registration, may dagdag up to BONUS 12 Rewards points!
  • HPW: Get up to BONUS 12 Rewards Points for more exclusive deals for the fam from Globe Rewards!

During the 3rd stamp, you can win two (2) rewards points voucher and a FREE 30-min Metaverse Go Game Pass voucher.

For the 4th stamp, you can win ten (10) rewards points voucher and a 80% off Foodpanda Pro Voucher Subscription for half-yearly plan (3-month redemption validity).

Prizes are limited in supply, so hurry and participate in GlobeOne Quests now to win the exclusive prizes!

How to claim prizes

To claim the Rewards points:

  • Click Quest floating icon, select the campaign and go to View Vouchers
  • Under My Wallet, look for the Rewards Points voucher
  • Text Voucher code to DigiPerks 23730926 using a Globe/TM mobile number. free of charge
  • Customer to receive 4438 message on successful redemption
  • Customer receives confirmation message from Globe on receipt of reward and is reflected real time
  • Customer can check their updated points via the GlobeOne app

Upon texting the voucher code to Digiperks, you’ll be able to receive your rewards points, real-time.

You may open your GlobeOne app and under Rewards points section, you’ll be able to view your updated points valid until Oct. 31, 2023.

To claim the PandaPro Plan voucher:

  • Click Quest floating icon, select the campaign, and go to View Vouchers
  • Under My Wallet, look for the code under P130 off 6 months foodpanda Pro subscription voucher
  • Open or download the foodpanda app
  • Click on the sidebar found on the top left corner of the screen click
  • Select the Half yearly plan
  • Select apply voucher and enter your voucher code
  • Select a preferred payment method to charge the remaining balance
  • You’re now a PandaPro Member!

New & existing food panda pro users can redeem the code. If you are an existing user, you need to wait until your current subscription has ended before redeeming the voucher.

To claim the free 30 min Metaverse Go Gamepass:

  • Create an account at
  • Click the “Redeem Vouchers” banner on the homepage or go to the Rewards Center at
  • Enter your voucher code
  • Activate your game pass and start playing!

You can only win once throughout the campaign and once Quests are completed. To view your winning voucher, you may click the Quest floating icon, select the campaign, then click the View Voucher button All your winning vouchers will be under My Wallet section

What if my promo purchase is not successful?

You’ll not earn a stamp if a promo purchase is not successful and will not anymore receive a stamp after the 4th qualified promo purchase. 

You’ll only be issued one (1) stamp card with four (4) stamps for each account enrolled on GlobeOne.

What if my promo purchase was successful but I didn’t get a stamp?

The stamps have a different card for each account type and separate prizes. Swipe left or right to change accounts and view corresponding stamp cards and prizes for that account.

What will happen to my stamps if I do not collect after a promo purchase?

It will still be available on GlobeOne Quests until September 30, 2023.

Once all the accomplished quests,  are done, no more new stamps will be issued.

Why did my transaction not issue a stamp?

Kindly make sure that you subscribed to the eligible promos and correct quests requirement to earn your GlobeOne Quest stamp.  

Why can’t I access the GlobeOne Quests floating icon?

  • Stamp card campaign has ended
  • You may need to update your GlobeOne app version