GSave and GCash Insure Promo

What is the GCash Insure and GSave promo about?

On December 8, 2020 onwards, all Globe Rewards and GCash users can use Rewards points to purchase GCash Insureme39 or GCash Coins. Your GCash coins redeemed will be sent straight to your GSave Piggy bank account.

If you're not yet a GCash user, you're required to download and register the GCash app. No GCash account means the GCash reward cannot be sent to you.

What will I receive?

You'll receive GCash Coins. The amount of GCash Coins received will be the same as the amount of Rewards points used to redeem. You'll receive your first month subscription for GCash InsureMe39, an insurance product that provides valuable financial protection in the event of hospitalization, accident, and/or death.

When will I receive the GCash coins and/or my insurance subscription?

You'll receive your GCash Coins the next day. For your 1 month INSUREM39 coverage, you'll receive confirmation within 7 working days.

How do I register?

  • Find the GCash app badges in the Rewards app
  • Click on either of the offers to redeem with points
  • For Non-GCash users, you'll be asked to register to GCash 
  • Receive your GCash Coins the next day or GCash InsureMe39 within 7 working days
  • Receive GCash reward (if you have registered to GCash and downloaded the app)

How many times can I avail of the offer?

You can only redeem once during the whole promo period.

Where can I use my GCash Coins?

GCash Coins can be redeemed straight to your GSave account; upon which they will be as good as cash.

Where can I report for any concerns?

You may call GCash Hotline at 2882 or submit a ticket using the Help center via GCASH app.

Where can I check more details about this offer?

Please visit below link for more details.

GCash Insure-

GSave -