What is the HBO GO promo about?

Get HBO GO subscription for 1 month when you redeem the HBO GO voucher using your Rewards points via the new GlobeOne app.

*Please note that points requirement is subject to change. Make sure to check the new GlobeOne app for the latest price and offer.

Where and how to redeem a voucher?

How to redeem via the new GlobeOne app:
  1. Open the new GlobeOne app
  2. Choose HBO GO Voucher 
  3. Redeem the offer using Rewards Points by clicking Next then Redeem
  4. Successfully redeems Reward and receives text from 4438 with the unique code
  5. You may also click View Vouchers to check your redeemed voucher code

Using the voucher code:
  1. Copy the code from the 4438 message and use it in the HBO GO app or website at
  2. Sign in or Create an account for HBO GO to access it.

How will I know if I've successfully redeemed the offer in the New GlobeOne app?

A text message from 4438 will be sent after a successful redemption. Upon successful redemption, open your account details on the new GlobeOne app and check your redeemed voucher code in the View voucher section.

I don't have a new GlobeOne yet and I'm using text or *143#, can I still redeem the offers?

We recommend you to download the new GlobeOne app to fully enjoy your discounted and updated offers.

Can I still get the code even if I didn't receive a text notification from 4438?

If you are able to successfully redeem via the New GlobeOne app, kindly text VOUCHERINFO to 4438. You'll receive a confirmation message from 4438 with the unique voucher code and link.

Where to report if code is not working or invalid?

You can send us a message at the official Globe's Facebook Messenger (

​​​Terms and Conditions:

  • Each voucher may only be used once per eligible customer's account.
  • Each voucher is non-transferrable and may not be extended, refunded, resold or redeemed for cash.
  • Each voucher can only be activated in the Territory.
  • Activation of each voucher and subscription to the HBO GO Service is subject to the HBO GO Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (
  • There shall be no refunds for vouchers that are purchased but not activated by the abovementioned activation expiry date.
  • Subscription to the HBO GO Service will automatically expire after the entitlement Period and will not auto-renew to the paid version.