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Home Prepaid WiFi FamSURF Promo FAQ - Globe Help & Support

What is this promo about?

Home Prepaid WiFi customer purchasing FamSURF promos via the GlobeOne app will receive bonus Rewards points.

If you don't have a GlobeOne app, you may download and register via Play Store, App Store or App Gallery.

How long is this promo?

Offer is valid from Sept. 1 - 15, 2022

What are the promos I can avail of to get double points?

Home Prepaid WiFi PromosPromo DescriptionBonus Points


5GB Shareable open access, valid for 3 days



23GB Shareable + 7GB ( Watch, Learn and Earn apps) valid for 7 days



43GB Shareable + 7GB ( Watch, Learn and Earn apps) valid for 7 days



65GB Shareable + 15GB ( Watch,Learn and Earn apps) valid for 15 days



170GB Shareable + 30GB ( Watch,Learn and Earn apps) valid for 30 days


When and where can I view my available Rewards points?

You'll receive your bonus points within 7 working days via text notification from 4438 to inform you of the bonus points sent. You may view your available points balance via the GlobeOne app under Accounts then tap View Points.

Where can I use my points?

You can use your points to redeem any reward in the GlobeOne app. To know more where you can use your points, visit

When will the points expire?

Points earned for this campaign are valid until November 30, 2022.

Will I be notified that my points will already expire?

Yes, you will receive a notification prior to points expiration.

Can I avail of the promo and points more than once?

Yes, as long as you purchase FamSURF eligible promos within the promo period.