Load Tipid Plan Rewards FAQs

My account is a Load Tipid Plan; am I eligible to redeem rewards?

Yes. Load Tipid Plans are a part of My Rewards. My Globe. This means you earn points that will be based on your plan as well as the additional reloads that you do. You can inquire about your points as well as redeem your rewards through SMS. All you have to do is text BAL to 4438 to inquire about your rewards points balance and ITEMS to 4438 to get a full list of rewards.

How do I redeem my reward under the Load Tipid Plan?

You can redeem your reward by SMS! Simply text REDEEMITEM CODE PIN and send to 4438.

Am I eligible for re-contracting rewards under the Load Tipid Plan?

You are given points on your plan and on your reloads which you can use to redeem rewards, thus you are no longer eligible for re-contracting rewards.

I am under the Load Tipid Plan; when can I expect my 300 Php load every month?

That would depend on the cutoff date you have selected upon availing the plan.