Globe Rewards: March - July 2018 Birthday Treat

What is this promo about?

Postpaid celebrants are entitled to a Globe Rewards treat for their birthday month!

What do I have to do to be able to redeem/avail of this promo?

Postpaid customer will receive a birthday message from 4438 about their birthday promo eligibility together with their unique birthday eGift Code.

EGC is a unique code per customer and can only be used once. Customer will present the unique code to the Krispy Kreme frontliner. KK frontliner will validate the eGift code.

How many gifts am I entitled to?

Postpaid celebrant is only entitled to 1 birthday treat. Once frontliner validates the code it cannot be used again.

My phone is under my parent's name, am I eligible?

No. Only the birthday of the account holder's name will be eligible.

How long is this promo?

Celebrants can only claim their birthday gift on their birth month. Unique code will expire and no extension can be given.

I tried to claim my keyword but I get an error message?

Make sure that you are able to claim your unique code and gift on your birth month. Non-compliance can detect non-eligibility and will result to an error message. You are also entitled to 1 unique code only. Attempt to retrieve more than 1 code will result to an error message.

I keep on getting error messages and I still haven't received my unique code?

You may call 211 to provide your mobtel number for our validation.