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Globe Rewards Points Expiry 2020 | Help & Support | Globe

Important Advisory

For more ways to use your points, check Globe Rewards or download the New GlobeOne app for the latest rewards and exciting exclusive deals that you can enjoy!

Globe Rewards 2020 Points Expiry

When will my points expire?

Globe is one with the entire country in these trying times. Now more than ever, we understand that concerns about the recent General Community Quarantine which may have affected your plans to redeem your points recently. Because of this, we're extending the validity of your points earned in 2019 until June 30, 2020 so you can continue to enjoy your points.

That's nice. But when will the new expiry date take effect?

The new expiry date will take effect on March 18, 2020.

What's the new validity of my points?

Points earned in 2019 are valid for use until June 30, 2020.

Will my points expire?

Yes. Points earned in 2019 are only valid for redemption only until June 30, 2020. Points earned in 2020 are still valid until next year, March 31, 2021. You may choose to use some or all of your points at once.

But can I still use my points now?

Yes! You can still use your points to redeem offers even while you’re at home. You can choose to redeem the following:

  • Promo Offers (Data, Call and Text)
  • Voucher Offers (Points for Lazada, Zalora vouchers)
  • Donate (Donate to beneficiaries: PAWS, Hineleban and more)

Simply go to the Globe Rewards app to view available offers or dial *143# and select the Globe Rewards menu.

As a Postpaid customer, can I use my points to redeem data offers for a Prepaid mobile number?

Yes, you may. As a Postpaid customer, you may gift a Globe Prepaid customer with a prepaid promo, and a Postpaid customer with a postpaid promo. Simply dial *143# and select Gift Rewards upon entering the Globe Rewards menu. For the list of rewards you can gift, kindly refer to the table below:

RedeemerRecipientSample OffersYes/No
Postpaid, PlatinumGlobe Prepaid, TMGoSurf30 (available in Globe Prepaid and TM)Yes
Postpaid, PlatinumGlobe Prepaid, TMGoSurf50 (available in Postpaid)No
Postpaid, PlatinumPostpaid, PlatinumGoSurf50 available in Postpaid)Yes

Why are we not informed sooner about the points expiry date?

The points expiry has been consistently communicated in all of our messages.

How much points will be deducted from my account due to the expiration of 2019 points?

Sir/Ma’am, as per checking in our system, XXX.XX from your total points is valid for redemption until June 30, 2020 only. These points, if unused, will expire on July 1, 2020, 12:00AM.

I did not receive any notification that you’ll expire my Jan-Dec 2019 points. How come you suddenly expired my unused points?

It’s the program policy that all points earned during the previous year, from January to December, will be valid for redemption until March 31 of the succeeding year only. We have consistently communicated these to you through our messages via mobile phone (text), social media and through partners.

How can you guarantee that you’re expiring the correct points and are not expiring our 2020 earned points as well?

Our system automatically tracks each point earned and redeemed for a period of time. Reports are generated to our internal audit department to ensure that we protect the interest of our customers.

Where can I find other information about donate campaigns?

For other info about our Donate campaigns, visit DONATE ALWAYS ON page.

It’s not fair that you are expiring the points I earned, please return my points!

Apologies, but expiry of points is part of the program’s terms and conditions. You may use your points earned from January 1 to December 31, 2020 until June 30, 2020.