Globe Rewards 2020 Points Expiry

When will my points expire?

Globe is one with the entire country in these trying times. Now more than ever, we understand that concerns about the recent General Community Quarantine which may have affected your plans to redeem your points recently. Because of this, we're extending the validity of your points earned in 2019 until June 30, 2020 so you can continue to enjoy your points.

That's nice. But when will the new expiry date take effect?

The new expiry date will take effect on March 18, 2020.

What's the new validity of my points?

Points earned in 2019 are valid for use until June 30, 2020.

Will the June 30, 2020 new points expiry date be permanent?

No. This extension only applies to points earned in 2019. Points earned in 2020 are valid for use until Mar 31, 2121 only.

But can I still use my points now?

Yes! You can still use your points to redeem offers even while you’re at home. You can choose to redeem the following:

  • Promo Offers (Data, Call and Text)
  • Voucher Offers (Points for Lazada, Zalora vouchers)
  • Donate (Donate to beneficiaries: PGH, Lung Center, PAWS, Hineleban and more)

Simply go to the Globe Rewards app to view available offers or dial *143# and select the Globe Rewards menu.

As a Postpaid customer, can I use my points to redeem data offers for a Prepaid mobile number?

Yes. As a Postpaid customer, you can only gift a Prepaid promo offer to a Prepaid customer. Simply dial *143# and select Gift Rewards upon entering the Globe Rewards menu.

RedeemerRecipientSample OffersYes/No
Postpaid, PlatinumPrepaid, TMGoSurf30 (available in Prepaid and TM)Yes
Postpaid, PlatinumPrepaid, TMGoSurf50 (available in Postpaid)No
Postpaid, PlatinumPostpaid, PlatinumGoSurf50 available in Postpaid)Yes

What will happen to the current promos, will they be extended too?

Operations of our offline partners like BENCH, KFC and Marks & Spencer have also been affected by the recent general community quarantine. In the interest of public health and safety, availment of promos that require unnecessary trips to public locations are discouraged until further notice.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Globe Rewards has pledged to also donate to Lung Center of the Philippines and other partner medical institutions for the immediate assistance of health workers with Personal Protective Equipment containing surgical masks, face shields, and surgical gowns. Starting March 25, you can help by donating your points to Lung Center of the Philippines and other partner medical institutions with your 1 point = P1.

To donate, simply go to the Globe Rewards app then select HELP.

BrandDenominationMaximum Transaction per Day






3x, including redemption of other telco or voucher offer










Can I only donate to PGH and Lung Center?

For Covid-19 direct beneficiaries are PGH Medical Foundation, Lung Center of the Philippines (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium, San Lazaro Hospital and East Avenue Medical Center) can accept points for donation right now.

What are the other initiatives done by Globe?

  • Donation of surgical masks worth P5 million to Philippine Red Cross
  • Opened GCASH as a new donation channel
  • Sent Covid-19  text reminders as approved by DOH and NTC
  • Free data access to DOH, NDRRMC official websites
  • Free GoWIFI access in 18 select hospitals within Metro Manila
  • 30-day bills payment extension to all customers, including enterprise
  • Sent social media reminders for #SafeAtHome

To know more about  other customer advisories and Globe initiatives in the fight against Covid-19  visit

When will raised funds be turned over to your beneficiaries? (PGH Medical Foundation Inc., Lung Center of the Philippines, RITM, San Lazaro and etc.?

For updates on the status of the funds, you may visit their official website and Facebook pages.

Why can’t I no longer donate using PGH keywords?

We keep on updating our keywords so we can include other beneficiaries such as Lung Center of the Philippines and other medical partner institutions (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium, San Lazaro Hospital and East Avenue Medical Center)

What happened to the previous PGH keywords, were my points successfully donated?

Yes! We can assure you that all donated points that used PGH keywords previously were all handed over.

Where can I find other information about donate campaigns?

For other info about our Donate campaigns, visit DONATE ALWAYS ON page.