Points to GCash

What is this promo about?

Convert and redeem your Globe Rewards to GCash.

How much can I redeem and convert to GCash?

Convert 20 or 30 points and receive P20 or P30 GCash respectively. The amount of GCash received will be the same as the amount of Rewards points used to redeem.


I.     Redeems using the following points:

  • 20 points (2x)
  • 30 points (1x)

II.    You'll receive P70.00 worth of GCash

What is the promo duration?

This offer is extended! It'll again run until Dec. 31, 2021.

What can I use with GCash?

You may use your converted GCash to Buy load, Pay bills, Send money, Pay with GCash QR, Shop online and more -- all using the GCash App! To learn more, visit gcash.com.ph

Do I need to have GCash to use this?

Absolutely! You need to register so you can receive your GCash.

How many times can I transact?

We'll follow our current rewards redemption limit of 5x a day and for gifting, it's once a day.

Who is eligible to participate?

This is open to all customers as long as there’s enough points to redeem this offer. Make sure that you have a GCash account to receive the amount credits.

How do I register for this promo?

  • Find the GCash app badge in the Rewards app
  • Click Redeem
  • Receive a text from 4438
  • Receive GCash
  • Use your GCash for any service on the GCash app

Make sure that you have a GCash account to receive the amount credits

How many days will I receive my GCash?

You'll receive your GCASH day after your redemption.

I did not receive my GCash, where can I follow-up?

You may call GCash Hotline via 2882 or submit a ticket on help center via the GCASH app.