About Reward Points

What is the Globe Rewards program?

The Globe Rewards Program is our way of granting special treats to you for your continued loyal use of Globe's or TM's products and services.

Who are qualified to join the program?

Consumer Postpaid, Prepaid and TM accounts are automatically enrolled in the program.

How do I earn Globe Rewards points?

If you're a Globe Prepaid or TM customer, your points are computed based on your top-up. 

If you're a Postpaid customer, your points are based on the total monthly bill.Watch out for other

Globe promos that reward bonus points!

What can I redeem using my Globe Rewards points?

There are lot of choices!

    a. You may redeem your favorite surfing, call & text promos such as:

  • Globe Prepaid - Facebook, GoSurf, GoUnli, FB Messenger and more!
  • TM - Facebook, GoSurf, FB Messenger, Combo promos and more!
  • POST – Facebook, GoSurf, GoWatch, and bill rebates!

    b. Or use your points as cash at the following partner establishments:

  • KFC, BENCH, Marks & Spencer, Jamba Juice, Ayala Cinemas and more!

    c. Or convert your points to SM Advantage Card Points for more shopping credits at SM Stores and affiliate brands
    d. Or convert your points to AirAsia BIG points for tickets to must see travel destinations!

How can I redeem these rewards?

For convenient redemption anytime, download the Globe Rewards app via Google Play or App store and click on the Rewards section to view the list of offers you can get using your points.
Choose your desired reward and tap redeem to proceed with your transaction.

You may also redeem Telco offers via SMS. Example: REDEEM<space><Keyword> and send to 4438.

You may also choose Globe Rewards when you dial *143#.

Where can I download the Globe Rewards App?

For direct download, click glbe.co/RewardsGApp or search Globe Rewards in Google Play or App Store.

You may also visit http://www.globe.com.ph/rewards for the download links at the bottom of the page.

How can I check my points balance?

Once in the Globe Rewards app, tap the link below your mobile no.

Or text BAL and send to 4438

Why can't I redeem?

Make sure you have sufficient amount of points for the item you want to redeem. Your sim should also be active with network connection. A disconnected line will prevent you from redeeming your rewards.

Will I encounter an error if I try to redeem even if I have an overdue balance?

No. You can still enjoy hassle-free redemption of your chosen rewards item.

Is there a maximum number of transactions?

You can have a maximum of 3 successful transactions per day.

Can I share or pool my points?

No. This is part of the policies implemented to enable all customers with points to experience redeeming and enjoy the rewards they have earned.

Can I redeem points with decimals?

No. Use of points should be whole number.

Will my points expire?

Yes. Points earned in 2017 are valid for redemption only until March 31, 2018. Points earned in 2018 are still valid until next year, March 31, 2019. You may choose to use some or all of your points at once.

How come there are items I can't find in the app or in the catalog?

We regularly update our catalog to offer you the newest rewards. Download the Globe Rewards app to get instant updates on our newest offers.