Globe Rewards Program

What is the Globe Rewards program?

The Globe Rewards Program is our way of granting special treats to you for your continued loyal use of Globe or TM products and services.

What are the different types of Globe Rewards points?

  • Regular Points

Earned from your Globe Postpaid charges, Globe/TM prepaid reloads and points converted from partners' rewards program. May be used to redeem ALL items in the rewards catalogue. Points earned this year are still valid until next year.

  • Bonus Points

These are free or bonus rewards points given to customers from promo offers. The validity period for  bonus points will expire early since these are given for free.

For an easier view of your points balance, it's best to use the Globe Rewards app.

How do I earn Globe Rewards points?

If you're a Globe Prepaid or TM customer, your points are computed based on your top-up.

If you're a Postpaid customer, your points are based on the total monthly bill.  For Home Prepaid WiFi customers, you can earn points with every top-up and promo purchases and for our AutoloadMax retailers, you earn points for every P200 commercial load purchase.

To know more, visit Home Prepaid WiFi and AutoloadMax

Top-up or promo registration via Share-A-Promo and Share-A-Load will not earn reward points.

So just keep on using your Globe account for more surprises and treats, exclusively for you!

What can I redeem and how to redeem using my Globe Rewards points?

There are a lot of choices!

a. You may redeem Globe promos for mobile surfing.

b. Use points as cash at partner establishments KFC, BENCH, Marks & Spencer, Jamba Juice, Ayala Cinemas and more! To know more about our discount and voucher campaigns, click here.

c. Donate points to support causes from PAWS, PGH, Hineleban and more. To know more about our Donate campaigns, click here.

For convenient redemption anytime, we have different channels available for you!

Click on the Rewards section to view the list of offers you can get using your points and choose your desired reward and tap redeem to proceed with your transaction.

d. Use your points to accredited ECPAY retailers nationwide. To check the list, click here.

How many times can I transact in a day?

Our current rewards redemption limit is 5x a day.

I don't have the Globe Rewards app, can I use *143# to redeem?

You can still use *143# to redeem, however, most of our updated and latest offers can only be redeemed via the app. If the offer you’re trying to redeem is an app exclusive, a notification will be received. We encourage you to use and download the Globe Rewards app via Google or Apple store.


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