Postpaid Rewards Program FAQs

What is the Postpaid Rewards Program? How do I know if I am I entitled to receive a reward?

The Globe Postpaid Rewards Program is our way of granting special treats to you, our active postpaid customers for your continued loyal use of Globe's products and services.

Now you can redeem awesome rewards depending on the value of the points you have earned! The higher your usage and the longer you stay with Globe, the more points you earn!

I just checked and found out that I qualify for a reward! What are some examples of rewards that I can redeem?

There are a lot of reward choices available, examples of which are:

  • Bill Rebates
  • Globe services such as Duo and Travel Miles
  • The hottest new gadgets, appliances, and the latest handsets available in the market.
  • Bundled offers like Bill Rebates + new gadgets or appliances and Bill Rebates + Miles and Bill Rebates + latest handset.

Aside from these, you can also earn points for any spending above your plan which you can exchange for Gift Certificates, Travel Miles, gadgets, appliances and even handsets!

These are awesome! Until when will this program be available?

The program is intended to run on a long term basis so just keep earning those points.

Where can I see the complete list of items?

To get a list of the rewards items you can redeem, simply type ITEMS on your mobile phone and send to 4438 for free. You can also view the items in

Who are qualified to join the Globe Postpaid Loyalty Program?

All Globe Consumer Postpaid mobile customers with active accounts are qualified for reward points as well as re-contracting rewards.

Who will be eligible to earn points under the Globe Postpaid Loyalty Program?

Eligible Globe Postpaid customers are those customers under Consumer accounts which are active.

Do I need to re-contract first before I can redeem a reward?

No need! We now allow redemptions without any conditions so that you can instantly enjoy items you can redeem with your points.

Great! I just recently availed of a loyalty reward (handset, rebates). Can I still redeem my points?

Yes, you can still use your points to redeem rewards.

I see. I have ongoing bill rebates which I availed under loyalty re-contracting. Can I use my points to redeem bill rebates?

This is not possible at the moment because of system limitations. You may select another item from our variety of rewards.

How come the points required for gift certificates are still not equivalent to the value of the GCs?

Products and services redeemed in-store at partner merchants like Ayala Cinemas has a P1 = 1 point conversion. This means that your 100 points is equal to P100 worth at Ayala Cinemas.

For gift certificates to be delivered at your homes, we've placed a surcharge for delivery fees.

Can I still earn points and redeem even if I have an active account with an overdue balance?

Yes! As long as you continue to use your phone line, you are entitled to earn points! But before redeeming any reward from the reward catalogue, you must settle your overdue balance first.

I have an active account and I'm no longer under any lockup plan, but I do have some overdue balance under my name. Can I still redeem my points?

Sorry, but you need to settle your overdue balances to redeem your points.

I'd like to redeem my points, but I'm not sure if I am eligible to do so, since I have an active account that is still within the contract. How do I go about this?

No need to worry, you can still redeem points even if you have already started on a new lockup period for your plan!

I have a postpaid account that has already been temporarily disconnected. Can I still join the program?

Yes, you are still qualified to join, but you should settle your overdue balance and your line should be active before redeeming your reward.

If you are temporarily disconnected due to other reasons, such as out of the country, defective unit, other than overdue balance, you can still join as long as your account is qualified and line is active.

But how about if my account has been permanently disconnected? What will happen to my points?

Once your line is permanently disconnected, your points will be zeroed out. But don't worry, once you reactivate, you can start earning points again.

To be able to enjoy your points anytime, please make sure that you continue using your line and please settle your bills on time.

My postpaid account has been permanently disconnected but I want to reactivate. Will my tenure be reset?

Yes, since the line has been terminated/permanently disconnected, your tenure count will reset to zero.

What if I change my mobile number, will the points I earned be transferred?

Yes, the points that you've earned will be carried over to your new mobile number, so there's nothing to worry about. Just remember that the points will carry the corresponding expiry dates from the time they were earned.

My postpaid account was terminated. I reactivated it. Can I still claim my previous points?

Sorry, but once you terminate your account, your points are forfeited. You can no longer claim your previous points but you can start earning points again after reactivation.

Why can't I redeem using my points?

Maybe your account has an overdue balance. Please settle it so you can redeem a reward using your points.

I already paid my overdue balance, but I still can't redeem items from the catalog using my points. Why is that so?

I apologize for the inconvenience. You may redeem 2 days after you have settled your overdue balance.

How come I can't redeem via hotline?

We have made redemption easier for you so you don't have to call the hotline. Now, you can now redeem the item you want just by texting. As long as you don't have any overdue balance, you may redeem using your points.

Can I share my Rewards Points?

No. As part of the implemented policies, we’d like you to enjoy rewards points that you have earned.

Why can't I transfer my points?

Transfer of points is no longer available. We’d like our customers to enjoy the Rewards points that they have earned for themselves.