ULTIMATE STAN PROMO: Seventeen Power of Love The Movie

How do I use my Rewards points to avail of a raffle ticket for USP: 17 Power of Love The Movie Promo?

You may get 1 raffle entry every time you use your Rewards points to redeem SURF50MB via the New GlobeOne app. Promo period is from April 7 -15, 2022.

Who is eligible for this promo?

Globe Postpaid, Prepaid, Home Prepaid WiFi and Globe At Home customers are eligible to redeem using their points via the New GlobeOne app.

How do I redeem via the New GlobeOne app?

Download and register to the New GlobeOne app. Tap Rewards, look for the Raffle tab.

Raffle offers are for limited-time only, may change depending on available promotions, may not be redeemed via *143# and are not available for gifting.

How many raffle entries will I earn per redemption?

Each redemption is equivalent to 1 raffle entry. You may redeem up to 5 raffle entries daily, based on the Rewards redemption capping limit. A text message from 4438 will confirm your earned entry.

Sample message:

Annyeonghaseyo! Thank you for using Globe Rewards! You have earned one (1) raffle entry for a chance to win 2 tickets to Seventeen Power of Love The Movie showing on April 20, 2022 (Wednesday), 7:00 PM at SM Megamall Cinema 3. For more information, visit glbe.co/seventeenpoweroflove

How come I can't see the Rewards offers via the app?

The offer you want to redeem might be unavailable at the moment due to the high number of requests or possible app downtime.

I can't download the New GlobeOne app, is there another way for me to redeem?

Unfortunately, this promo is only available via the New GlobeOne app.

How to redeem other rewards via the New GlobeOne app?

  1. Download via Play store or App store and/or open the New GlobeOne app.
  2. Go to the Rewards section at the bottom right of the app screen.
  3. Choose which account (if with multiple accounts enrolled) to use for the redemption. Then, tap Redeem or search for a particular offer you want to redeem.
  4. Display Promo Details and click Redeem. 
  5. Confirm the details and click Redeem.
  6. Once successfully redeemed, customers will receive an in-app notification and a confirmation message from 4438 with a code and/or a link to a partner website or app. Customers may also check the View pocket under Vouchers on their app to view the redeemed voucher with a code.
  7. Go to the partner website or app and copy and paste/enter the code received.
  8. Use the code upon checkout to claim the item.

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Why can't I redeem?

  1. Voucher can only be redeemed via the New GlobeOne app within the given promo period.
  2. Kindly ensure that you have good signal reception and data connection before transacting.
  3. Additionally, you need to update your New GlobeOne mobile app regularly.
  4. Have enough points to redeem.
  5. Make sure to follow and be guided by the Terms and Conditions (per partner offer) (i.e. code has expired, code has been fully redeemed, redemption period, limited redemption, offer is for a specific account type).