Waived Service Fee for Loan/Utang Offers

I got a text saying that Loans service fee are waived, what does this mean?

We understand the Covid-19 issue our nation is experiencing. To ensure that you stay connected, we’re waiving the service fee for all Loan Load and Promo until May 28, 2020.

Cool! But is this for Loan Promo/Utang Promo only? How about your other promo load offers? (data, etc.)

Starting March 21, service fee is waived for Loan/Utang Load services. On April 1, service fees for Promo Loan/Utang offers are waived as well. This is to ensure that you have the flexibility to choose where to use your load.

But how come when I go to the *143# Loans/Utang menu, there's still a service fee indicated in the description?

We apologize. But we’re currently updating this part of the menu. Rest assured that when you avail of Load/Utang Loans offers, you’ll not be charged with service fees. You’ll be notified via text on the confirmation of this waived fee.

Is the waived service fee for loans applicable to my previous loan/utang availments?

The waived service fees apply only to those availed during the waiving period. If availment is done before and after the specified waiving period, corresponding service fees will apply.

LOADMarch 21 – May 28
PROMOApril 1- May 28

Why am I only seeing Emergency Text Service? Are there no other Loan/Utang offers for me?

For now, you may enjoy 3 texts and P1 load with GTSOS or 5MB with SURFSOS. As you stay longer with Globe/TM, you can avail other loans/utang offers which is based on your loading activity and usage.

My friend and I compared our menus and my list is different from hers? Why?

The Loans/Utang Load and Promo offers you see in your *143# menu varies per customer and may change, depending on your loading activity and usage.  Note that as your activity and tenure changes, the list of LOAN/UTANG offers that you see may change as well.

Why did I receive an error message when I tried to avail of the loan services?

If you try to register but received an error message, this may be because of the following reasons:

  • You’re not eligible to loan a service.
  • You’re not eligible for the loan service that you're trying to register for but may be qualified for another loan service.
  • You have an outstanding or unpaid loan.
  • You’re not eligible for a lower loan service. You may try other denominations available in the *143# menu

I want to know more about your loan offers?

You may check other details at this link: Promo and Load Loan Offer.

How can I pay for my loans?

 Your loan will automatically be deducted on your next reload.