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Rappit Vouchers Promo - Globe Help & Support


What is this promo about?

Globe customers can claim subscriptions from Rappit when they purchase codes in the GlobeOne app with their Globe Rewards points.

Where and when are the promo codes valid?

Vouchers can be used in the Rappit app and the Rappit Website

Can I still redeem the offers using text or *143# without using the GlobeOne app?

We recommend you to download the GlobeOne app to fully enjoy your discounted and updated offers.

I didn't receive a text notification for my code from 4438, can I still get my code?

Customers that have successful redemption via the GlobeOne app may text VOUCHERINFO and send to 4438.

Customers may receive confirmation messages from 4438 indicating the 8-digit code.

Where do I report if this is invalid code?

If you have issues with your vouchers, send a message to [email protected]