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Red Ribbon Promo FAQ - Globe Help & Support

Red Ribbon

What is this promo about?

All Globe customers can claim a Red Ribbon voucher using  Globe Rewards points via the GlobeOne app until November 23, 2023.

Please note that the required rewards points, voucher offer/s and promo duration are subject to change. Make sure to check the GlobeOne app to know the partner’s current rewards and promo offer.  

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How to redeem a reward via the GlobeOne app?

  1. Download via Play store or App store or App Gallery and/or open the GlobeOne app.
  2. Go to the Rewards section then Select/Search: Red Ribbon.
  3. Click Next then Redeem.
  4. Wait for the confirmation from 4438 containing the unique code. For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the 4438 message, from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu, click View voucher section.

How will I know if I have successfully redeemed?

You’ll get a confirmation message from 4438 with a unique code or click View voucher from the GlobeOne app dashboard main menu. For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the message from 4438, click View voucher section from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu to check code.

How do I claim the redeemed code?

Simply present the text with the Treats code to the store for verification then tell the store frontliner that you want to claim Treats. Treats will be released once the code has been verified by the store. Code is valid until 60 days upon redemption.

What are the restrictions?

  • The Red Ribbon code can only be used once and is not exchangeable for cash credit, discounts, or other goods and services.
  • The Red Ribbon code is not valid in conjunction with any on-going promotions or discounts of Red Ribbon.
  • Globe is not liable to offer a replacement code for codes that are used or expired

Why can’t I redeem?

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Where do I report if the code is not working or invalid?

You may send an email (with the voucher code and/or URL) to  [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

  • eVoucher code is valid immediately after receiving it and until the validity period.
  • It can be redeemed only in participating Merchant branches.
  • Order cannot be canceled once processed. No refunds and cancellation will be entertained.
  • eVoucher may not be redeemed when the store is offline or out of stock.
  • eVoucher is not exchangeable for cash or credit and can’t be used in conjunction with any other promo or discount.
  • The Red Ribbon treats code is not redeemable in NAIA 2 DOMESTIC.
  • The Merchant is responsible for the quality of their products and/or services.
  • Make sure to buy codes and/or products from Share Treats Official Store only. Red Ribbon and Share Treats shall not be liable for any claims, suits, and liabilities for injuries and damages resulting from damaged or expired goods bought thru unauthorized resellers.
  • To maintain quality and freshness, all redeemed food products must be consumed within one (1) hour from receipt thereof.
  • All complaints related to the quality of the product must be received within twenty-four (24) hours upon receipt thereof. Otherwise, Red Ribbon and Share Treats will not be liable for any claims beyond the said prescription period.
  • Globe and Share Treats T&Cs will also apply.