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GoHealth Promo - Globe Help & Support


What is GoHealth?

Globe has partnered with Pacific Cross and telemedicine service KonsultaMD, the no.1 non-life insurance provider, to bring GoHealth, a prepaid health product catered for consumers who have limited resources to avail of costly plans in the market.

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What is this GoHealth promo about?

All Globe mobile consumers can enjoy affordable and easily accessible GoHealth packages using their Rewards points via the GlobeOne app until December 31, 2022.

Please note that the required rewards points, voucher offer/s and promo duration are subject to change. Make sure to check the GlobeOne app to know the partner’s current rewards and promo offer.  

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Where and when are GoHealth codes valid?

You may use your GoHealth code at to register and apply for the Health Insurance. These codes are valid at least 60 days after the redemption.

How do I redeem the GoHealth vouchers via the GlobeOne app?

  • Download via Play store, App store, App Gallery and/or open the GlobeOne app.
  • Go to the Rewards section then Select/Search: GoHealth 
  • Click Next then Redeem
  • Wait for the confirmation from 4438 containing the unique code. For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the 4438 message, from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu, click View voucher section.

How will I know if I have successfully redeemed?

You’ll get a confirmation message from 4438 with a unique code or click View voucher from the GlobeOne app dashboard main menu. For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the message from 4438, click View voucher section from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu to check code.

How can I use the code in the Pacific Cross website to claim health insurance?

  • Receive the code from 4438 and a link to the Pacific Cross website.
  • Copy and use the code at the Pacific Cross website: and click "Proceed".
  • You’ll be redirected to the Pacific Cross KYC site and fill up the details needed.
  • Once registration is successful, you’ll receive an Individual Policy Contract via email in PDF format.

Is there an age restriction to be able to avail of an insurance coverage?

Yes. Eligibility age is between 15 days old to 65 years old.

I did not receive the Insurance Policy, What do I do?

The customer may get in touch with Pacific Cross Customer Service through telephone number +63 2 8230-8511, mobile number +63 917 538-7274 or e-mail at [email protected]

I have a current medical insurance benefit, can I still use this right after activation?

Yes, however it depends on other insurance company’s policies on claims for having multiple insurance benefits.

Can I register more than one medical insurance all under my name?

Yes. The customer can register up to four (4) Insurance Coverage under the same name at a given time. If one of your insurance policies expired and your active insurance policy is down to 3, you may then register again.

If one of your insurance policies expired and active insurance policy are down to 3, you may then register again.

Why can’t I redeem?

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I have accidentally lost/deleted/ not received my voucher code from 4438. What should I do?

If you’ve successfully redeemed the voucher, you may click the View voucher section from the GlobeOne app dashboard main menu.

What do I do if voucher codes are not working?

You may contact Pacific Cross directly at (02) 8230-8511 or [email protected] for further assistance.