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Google Play Store Promo - Reinvent Rewards For You 2021 - Globe Help & Support

Google Play

What is this promo about?

Globe Postpaid, Prepaid , TM customers with enough points and have downloaded the Globe Rewards app and the GCash app are eligible to redeem P660 Google Play Store Load Voucher for 660 points during promo week Feb. 25-28, and redeem for only 60 points during the Flash Deal day on Feb. 24, 2021.

Where are the Google Play Store Load Vouchers valid?

You can use the Google Play Store Load Vouchers in the Buy Load section of the GCash app. Load vouchers are valid for 30 days upon receipt.

How do you claim the codes?

  1. Open the Globe Rewards app and look for the Google Play Load voucher offer.
  2. If a customer has sufficient points, choose Google Play Load Voucher.
  3. Redeem the offer and pay for the cost of the voucher code using the Globe Rewards points.
  4. Receive confirmation messages from 4438 and 8080 with the voucher code.
  5. Use the GCash voucher on the partner’s app to avail of the subscription.
  6. The Gcash voucher will be received through an SMS from "GCash" or “2882” sender after 3 days.
  7. Create an account. Use the GCash Load Voucher on the GCash app: Buy Load section to avail of the subscription.

What are the restrictions?

  1. Customers may only redeem the Flash Deal offer once. They may however redeem several promos at SRP during the promo week, if they have enough points.
  2. The code is not exchangeable for cash credit, discounts or other goods and services.
  3. Redemption is valid only on the partner’s mobile app or site.
  4. Specific to the Google Play Store Credits Load Voucher, you must be fully-verified to GCash to be able to purchase the promo.
  5. Globe is not liable to offer a replacement code for codes that are used or expired.
  6. Promo is subject to the transaction cap of five (5) Globe Rewards transactions per day (except for BUY or Points-As-Cash transactions).

What do I do if voucher codes are not working?

 You may get in touch through these channels:

  1. GCash Customer Support: 2882 (Hotline), [email protected] (Email), GCash Care (Social Media).
  2. Simply visit this page for more info