Marvel Run

What is this promo about?

Postpaid, GP, TM, HPW can redeem P925 Voucher for a 5KM Race Slot for Marvel Virtual Run for 925 pts during promo week March 11-14, and redeem for only 50pts during the Flash Deal day on March 10.

Where and until when are the Marvel Run codes valid?

You may enter the voucher code at upon checkout. Codes are valid until April 30, 2021.

How do you claim the codes?

  1. For Postpaid, GP and TM customers,who have enough points, click Redeem and you will receive 2 text messages: one from 4438 to confirm the successful transaction, and another from 8080 indicating the unique code.
  2. For HPW customers with enough points, click Redeem and you will receive your e-voucher within 3 days via GAH In-App Notification. To view, Go to "My Vouchers'' in the [email protected] Rewards tab.
  3. Use this unique code on the partner website or app to avail.

I have my voucher code, how do I register?

1. After receiving the voucher code from 8080 or from the GAH app, go to Click the Marvel Virtual Run tab and click Register Now.

Marvel Virtual Run - 1
Marvel Virtual Run - 2

2. You will be redirected to You might see this page,

Marvel Virtual Run - 3

Just click Yes, Continue

3. Next, create a new account to register, then choose the 5 Km distance. Note: voucher code is not applicable to other distance options.

Marvel Virtual Run - 4

a. Enter needed details:

Marvel Virtual Run - 5
Marvel Virtual Run - 6
Marvel Virtual Run - 7

4. After entering the details, click REGISTER. Don’t forget to tick the T&Cs and Confirmation of details button.

5. Enter the voucher code received from 8080.

Marvel Virtual Run - 8

6. Click Checkout.

7. Using your MOVE app, RUN at your own pace, own time & own space (Download the MOVE by LIV3LY App from the App Store or Play Store).

Marvel Virtual Run - 9

8. Sync your preferred running tracker to the MOVE by LIV3LY app

9. Take  screenshots and submit your workout results on the Marvel Virtual Run workout submission portal (after completing the registration process via partner website).

You may also join a a virtual challenge (Optional) Make your Mark & share yourPower

10. All entitlements will be delivered to you within 7 - 30 days after you have completed your registered distance

What are the limitations of this promo?

  1. Customers may only redeem the Flash Deal offer once. They may however redeem several offers at SRP during the Promo Week, if they have enough points.
  2. The code is not exchangeable for cash credit, discounts or other goods and services.
  3. Redemption is valid only on the partner’s website or mobile app.
  4. Globe is not liable to offer a replacement code for codes that are used or expired.
  5. Promo is subject to the transaction cap of five (5) Globe Rewards transactions per day (except for BUY or Points-As-Cash transactions).
  6. Gifting option via the Globe Rewards app during Flash Deal day (every Wednesday) will not be available, and/or gifting Raffle Entries are not allowed. Customers may however use rewards as gift across all channels (Globe Rewards app, text or *143#) anytime.

What do I do if voucher codes are not working?

You may send a message on the Facebook Page of MARVEL Philippines