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SMAC Membership Promo - Globe Help & Support

SMAC Membership

What is this SMAC Membership promo about?

From January 21, 2022 to December 31, 2022, get a 5-year SMAC kit membership via the GlobeOne app for 200 points.

Please note that the required rewards points, voucher offer/s and promo duration are subject to change. Make sure to check the GlobeOne app to know the partner’s current rewards and promo offer.  

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How to redeem a reward via the GlobeOne app?

  1. Download via Play store, App Gallery or App store and/or open the GlobeOne app.
  2. Go to the Rewards section then Select/Search: SMAC 
  3. Click Next then Redeem
  4. Wait for the confirmation from 4438 containing the unique code. For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the 4438 message, from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu, click View voucher section.

How will I know if I have successfully redeemed?

 You’ll get a confirmation message from 4438 with a unique code or click View voucher from the GlobeOne app dashboard main menu. For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the message from 4438, click View voucher section from the GlobeOne app dashboard menu to check code.

How to use the code?

  • Click and enter the code received from 4438
  • Fill out the form with the customer details
  • Click "Get My SMAC' button
  • Confirmation page will appear
  • Receive a text from SMAC Alert on successful redemption.

Sample SMS:

Hey Renz! You can claim your FREE SMAC with card number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (16 digit card number) after 24 hours. Just proceed to the Customer Service Counter inside any branch of the SM Store and present this SMS together with your valid |ID. T&C apply.

  • Visit the Customer Service Counter at any branch of The SM Store and present the text from SM together with a valid ID.

Until when can I claim my redeemed SMAC card?

The voucher code can be still used for registration and card claiming until February 28, 2023.

Am I still eligible to avail of the promo even if I have an existing SMAC Membership that is about to expire?

Yes! You're still eligible to get the 5-year SMAC Membership Kit as long as you have enough points to redeem via the GlobeOne app within the promo period.

Can I renew my existing SMAC Membership?

Absolutely! You may visit and check the Renew My SMAC portion to know how to renew your SMAC card.

Why can’t I redeem?

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I have accidentally lost/deleted/ not received my voucher code from 4438. What should I do?

If you’ve successfully redeemed the voucher, you may click the View voucher section from the GlobeOne app dashboard main menu.

Why is my voucher code not working?

You may send us a message at or you may also directly call SMAC Assist through any of the following contact numbers:

Metro Manila: 8-833-8888 or 7-944-3888

Outside Metro Manila: 1-800-10-833-8888 or 1-800-8-944-3888

Mobile: Globe 0917-833-2090 or Smart 0998-533-8888 or Sun 0923-833-8888