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Globe Rewards World of Discovery FAQ - Globe Help & Support

World of Discovery

What is the World of Discovery Offers all about?

From Dec. 10, 2021 - January 31, 2022, all Globe Postpaid, Platinum, Globe Prepaid, TM, Home Prepaid WiFi and Globe At Home customers can redeem the Globe Rewards World of Discovery Offers throughout the promo period using the New GlobeOne app.

When is the code valid?

Code is valid until January 31, 2022 only.

How can I redeem my World of Discovery Offers via the New GlobeOne app?

  1. Simply Download and Register to New GlobeOne app from Google Play or App Store to get started
  2. For new users, add your mobile number or account. If you've already added an account, choose the mobile number that you’ll use for redemption
  3. View your account details via the dashboard menu
  4. Check your account under Rewards points. If you have enough points to redeem, click the > button
  5. Under "What are you looking for?" tab, you may search for the following:
    • Free Pizza at Discovery Primea
    • FREE Pizza with every purchase of Discovery Primea’s Stay in the City Package
    • Free Pizza at Discovery Suites Manila 
    • FREE Pizza with every purchase of Discovery Suite’s Urban Scape Staycation Package
    • Discovery Shores Boracay FREE Additional 1N Stay for a 3N Booking
    • Stay for 3 nights during weekdays (Mondays to Thursday only) at a Junior Suite and get a FREE 1 Weeknight Stay
    • Accommodation in a Junior Suite
    • Kamusta Boutique Hotel  by Check Inn FREE Additional 1N Stay for a 2N Booking 
    • Stay for 2 nights and  get a FREE 1 Night stay
    • Chema's By The Sea  by Check Inn 1 FREE Pax at the Day Tour 
    • Free one (1) pax for every 2 paying guests 
    • Club Paradise Palawan FREE Additional 1N Stay for a 3N Booking 
    • Enjoy a FREE 1 night stay when you book 3 nights at a Garden Suite, during weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays only) 
    • Accommodation in a Garden Suite

    or scroll down then tap View All rewards to view the list of available offers. All offers that you can redeem will be shown

  6. Choose the offer you want. Make sure to read through the promo description then click Next.
  7. Once decided, click the Redeem button.
  8. A successful page will be shown once done. Wait for the text confirmation from 4438 to know how to claim and enjoy your voucher offer. You may also check the claimed voucher by going to your account details and click View Pocket.

How to claim and use the voucher?

Ways to claim the voucher code, follow the steps below:

For those with 4338 message:

  • Upon receipt, check the unique link from the text confirmation
  • Open the link and you’ll be redirected to the partner’s website at website to redeem with the code
  • Before checking out, apply the code to get the discount
  • Enjoy your reward!

For Globe At Home customers:

  • Open your New GlobeOne app
  • Tap on the mobile number you used for redemption
  • View your account details on the menu then tap View Pocket
  • Check your redeemed offers under Vouchers section
  • Tap the specific voucher and copy the code
  • Use the code in the partner’s app or website
  • Enjoy your reward!

How will I know if I have successfully redeemed Globe Rewards World of Discovery Offers?

You will receive a text confirmation from 4438 with a voucher code and a link at the partner website where you can use the code. You may also check your code in the View pocket via the New GlobeOne app.

For Globe At Home customers, no need to wait for the message from 4438. You may go directly to your account details from the dashboard menu and check View pocket in the New GlobeOne app.

Why can't I redeem?

Promo can only be redeemed via the New GlobeOne app during the redemption period. Kindly ensure that you have good signal reception and data connection before transacting.

What if the generic code is not working?

You may contact or chat with us at and provide a copy of the error prompt message received so we can help you address the issue.

I have lost/deleted/ not received my generic code from 4438. What should I do?

Please try again to redeem the offer via the New GlobeOne app (no points required to avail) and you'll receive text notification from 4438 with a generic code.

I have received my generic code. Can I give it to someone else?

Yes, you may share the generic code to someone else.

Where can I check about travel restrictions?

You may check any travel restrictions from the local government announcement.

Is there a way we reschedule our overnight stay due to the current situation?

Yes, however, booking is within the promo period and during weekdays only (Mondays to Thursdays, except Holidays).