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Device Warranty | Help & Support | Globe

Device Warranty FAQs:

What is the device warranty of Globe and what does it cover?

All devices from Globe are provided a limited one-year warranty by the manufacturer from the date of purchase. The warranty covers handsets with factory defects.

Who is eligible to start a warranty claim?

The owner of the Globe-provided handset can start the claim.

How long is the warranty period for repair service?

For both Postpaid and Prepaid, the warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase.

How about for replacement? How long is it?

For replacement of new phones, we follow a 7-day return policy. Just take note that returned handsets will be accepted and replaced only if below criteria are met:

  • The reason for return is factory defect
  • You have a valid Proof of Purchase
  • The handset being returned is Globe-provided, whether bought at the Stores or online.
  • The handset is returned at any Globe Store within seven (7) calendar days from the date of purchase.

Day 1 starts on the following day the unit was purchased.

For example:

Date of purchase: Jan 1

End date: Jan 8

What if the 7-day time period lapsed but my handset is still under warranty, can I still have Globe repair it?

Globe does not repair the handset as warranty is covered by the manufacturer. Click here to see the list of the service centers.

For replacement, do I go to a Globe Store or a manufacturer?

You may visit the nearest Globe Store for replacement of your phone within 7 days from the date of purchase.

If your phone needs to be repaired after 7 days from the purchase date, don't worry because it's covered by the manufacturer's one-year warranty.

For repair, you may bring your phone directly to any authorized service center. Here's a list to help you

What are the things that I need to bring and present?

Upon arrival at the Store, you need to present a valid proof of purchase, the document signed upon receipt of handset, and the complete handset package including accessories.

If my handset is already outside the warranty period, can I still go to the Store and have it repaired?

You may visit the nearest service center of the manufacturer to have it repaired.

How do I determine if malfunction is due to defective handset?

You may perform basic troubleshooting. If none of these work, that means the problem is due to a defective handset.

  • Soft Reset
    Turn off your phone then turn it on again after a couple of minutes.
  • Hard Reset
    Turn of your phone and remove the SIM, then place it back. Turn your phone on again.
  • SIM and phone swapping

How do I follow up the status of my repair/replacement request?

You may visit or call the service center where you brought your phone for repair.

If I sell my phone/gadget to someone else, will they be entitled to warranty coverage?

Yes, as long as the handset is within 12 months from activation date/purchase date, and the customer can present complete documents.