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Consent Form for Reporting Illegal Repeaters

Mobile Repeater Awareness Campaign

For a Safe and Enjoyable Network Experience for Everyone!

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    This visit is being initiated and conducted by Globe Telecom to raise awareness on Mobile Repeaters and the harmful effects of using Unauthorized/ Illegal Mobile Signal Repeaters to the community.

    What is a Mobile Repeater/ signal booster and when are they considered unauthorized/ Illegal?

    A repeater or signal booster is a device used for boosting the signal from the cell tower. It works by receiving the signal outside, amplifying it and rebroadcasting it in an area. Repeaters are considered unauthorized/ illegal when they are imported into the country without a permit and are unauthorized for use by the NTC.

    Under NTC Memorandum Order No. 01-02-2013, the sale, purchase, importation, possession or use of cellular mobile repeaters and portable cell sites are illegal. Only licensed CMTS operators, the NDRRRMC, and other government agencies involved in national security or safety, authorized by NTC, are authorized to purchase, import, possess, and use such devices.

    Harmful effects of Illegal Mobile Signal Repeaters to the community:

    • Illegal Mobile signal repeaters pose a significant challenge to the telco industry, causing network issues and hindering connectivity even in areas where network quality has already been strengthened.
    • The use of unauthorized repeaters disrupts mobile networks, leading to degraded network experience - slow or failed connections, dropped calls, and voice quality problems even if your cell phone signal bar is okay.
    • The use of unauthorized repeaters risks the lives of other people by interfering with network signals among the communities.

    More information about Illegal Mobile Repeaters can be found on the Globe Website along with a form to report any sighting of one:



    The scope of the visit is only to educate the community about Mobile Repeaters and to provide the necessary options to eliminate the need to make use of one.

    Globe Representative/s will only facilitate education outside the premises and WILL NOT

    • Request or gather copies of any documents, such as ID, bank and credit card details, OTP, and other sensitive information from the owner
    • Collect or accept money /payment /donation /gift
    • Enter the household to respect the owner’s privacy
    • Provide false information or promises and refer to appropriate channels for any aftersales concerns
    • Use personal numbers or email addresses for any transaction

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