Your loved ones abroad are only a text away.

Now you don't have to wait for your family and friends overseas to go online. Message them the latest kwento, love life updates, and reunion plans anytime you want for only P20 a day.

Araw-arawin na ang kwentuhan! Subscribe now  by texting Unli iTXT 20 to 8080.


Unli iTXT 20

  • Unlimited SMS to USA Mainland, Canada, Kuwait, Guam, Greece, and Mexico
  • Valid for 1 day
  • PHP20

Register to Unli iTXT 20 via *143#

Step 1. Dial *143#

Step 2. Go to Roaming & International.

Step 3. Select Call and Text Abroad.

Step 4. Select International SMS.

Step 5. Choose your promo: Unli iTXT 20.

Step 6. Click Subscribe.

Step 7. You will receive a confirmation SMS that your promo has already been activitated.