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Prepaid Roaming Call, Text, and Data Promos - Globe

Share Your Fun Moments in Real-Time

Auto Activation

No need to register to enjoy roaming signal while you're abroad.

Affordable Rates

Select a promo that suits your traveling needs.

Travel With Ease

Your load is always safe and secure while roaming. No need to worry about pay-per-use data charges.


Country-Hop with No Extra Charge

Get data roaming that gets more affordable the longer you use it. With Roam Surf Longer Stay, there's no need to change to a local SIM or bring an extra device when travelling abroad.



Stay connected wherever you are with pay-per-use rates.

Zone 1: Asia-Pacific & America

  • PHP20 for 160-character SMS
  • PHP120 per minute for outgoing calls
  • PHP60 per minute for incoming calls

Zone 2: Europe & Africa

  • PHP25 for 160-character SMS
  • PHP150 per minute for outgoing calls
  • PHP75 per minute for incoming calls

How can I avail of Roam Surf?

Prior to registration, please check if your country of destination is part of the Roam Surf partner countries. Otherwise, you may still be charged the selected denomination, but won't be able to enjoy data connection. Then, you can register to Roam Surf by dialing *143#, select Roaming & Int 'l > Roaming > Data Roaming Promos.

How would I know if my data roaming pack has already expired?

  • If you're on a Roam Surf 299/399 bulk data pack, you will be notified once your 1-day promo validity has ended or if your MB allocation has been used up.
  • If you're on an app pack, you will get an expiry notification once your 1-day promo validity has already ended.

Do I need to register for the new offers?

Yes. Just like the other roaming offers, you need to register to any of the new Roam Surf offers while in the Philippines or when abroad. To register, dial *143# and go to Roaming & Int'l.