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To ensure your safety as you visit Hong Kong, we've created a SafeTravel hub with essential information on travel guidelines and roaming-related news for you.*

SafeTravel is made in partnership with the Bridge Alliance Network and CSL.

*Information below is subject to change depending on the advice of the government and other organizations. Globe shall not be held liable for any negative or untoward experiences while visiting this country. Travel safely.


Get information on medical assistance, masks, pharmacies, and other health-related inquiries.


Know the contact details of the police, ambulance, and embassies in case of emergency.


Learn about public transport, money changers, and other local services.


I’m not feeling well. How can I seek medical help?

For medical assistance while in Hong Kong, you may check this information on Hong Kong's public hospitals and clinics provided by Hospital Authority in English.

You may also find information on Hong Kong's private hospitals here.

Find out more about family doctors and private medical group clinics by visiting the following websites:

What’s the latest COVID-19 update for Hong Kong?

To be updated on the lastest COVID-19 updates in Hong Kong, visit this official website

Travel Advisories

View travel advisories for Hong Kong provided by the Hong Kong Tourism Board here.

Note: These information are subject to change. Globe shall not be held liable for any negative or untoward experiences while in these locations.

Where can I find a pharmacy?

You can purchase common medicines easily from most supermarkets and convenience stores. Prescriptions can only be sold by pharmacies which are Authorised Sellers of Poison (ASP). They can be identified with the logo 'Rx'. If you need to purchase medicines that require a pharmacist, do note that the operating hours of the ASP may differ from the working hours of the pharmacists.

For more information, please visit Hong Kong Drug Office's website.

Emergency Contacts

Can I get a list of important phone numbers and key addresses?

For any emergency, you may call the Police, Ambulance, or Fire Department by dialing 990, which is open 24 hours.

You may also reach the Philippine Embassy via:

Consulate General of The Philippines

Mobile Number: +852- 2823 8500

Address: Philippine Consulate General 14th floor, United Centre 95 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong

Local Services

Where can I buy masks?

To comply with the COVID-19 policies in Hong Kong, masks and personal hygiene products are widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores. View outlet information of major chains here:

Where can I change my money?

Money Changers

There are money changers at the airport and within the city. These money changers usually provide better rates. If you are looking for a stable exchange rate, you can consider using US dollars to exchange Hong Kong dollars.


You can also withdraw Hong Kong dollars from an ATM if your bank has interconnection with the local bank. The exchange rates may be less favorable and there may be extra transaction fees.


All banks provide currency exchange service during their service hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday 09:00 to 13:00.


The exchange rates may be less favorable.

What are the public transport options?

Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

MTR has quite extended coverage in Hong Kong. Navigate your way and find out your estimated travelling time with MTR's trip planner, available on their website and app.


There are three different-coloured taxis and each colour has its own designated operating areas.

  • Urban taxis (red) operate in most areas in Hong Kong (except Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau).
  • New Territories taxis (green) mainly operate in the north-eastern part (i.e. north of Sha Tin) and north-western part (i.e. north of Tsuen Wan) of the New Territories.
  • Lantau taxis (blue) operate only on Lantau Island and Chek Lap Kok where the airport is situated.

All taxis provide services at the passenger terminals of Hong Kong International Airport, the Hong Kong Section of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Hong Kong Disneyland.


Buses in Hong Kong provide the largest coverage, operated by 5 different companies with more than 700 routes. Double-decker buses are not that common around the world and maybe an interesting experience as a tourist attraction.

Tram, Peak Tram and Cross-Harbour Ferries

Tram, Peak tram and cross harbour ferry are transport options that will not take you far but are definitely 'can't miss' experience when you are visiting Hong Kong.

Find out more about Hong Kong transportation here:

- Public transport in Hong Kong (by the Hong Kong government)

- Hong Kong Transportation (by TravelChinaGuide)

Are there any local customs or norms I should observe or be aware of during the pandemic?

Due to possible regular changes on the COVID-19 policies, we encourage you to always visit this website:

  • Wear a mask all the time.
  • Leave your contact information when entering a restaurant or locations that have such a requirement.
  • Observe the limitation on the number of people that can share the same table while dining in.


What's the best roaming plan for the Philippines?

For Globe Postpaid subscribers, you may enjoy all-day data roaming for 24 hours via Roam Surf 399. Simply turn on your mobile data and data roaming to activate the promo.

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How do I check my roaming usage and balance?

You may download and access the GlobeOne app to track your data usage and see all of the promos available in your country of destination.

For Roaming related concerns, you can also reach us at any of the following channels:

Message us via Facebook, or call the Roaming Hotline +63277301212 toll-free on your Globe mobile.

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