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Safe Travel with Globe

To ensure your safety as you visit Thailand, we've created a SafeTravel hub with essential information on travel guidelines and roaming-related news for you.*

SafeTravel is made in partnership with the Bridge Alliance Network and AIS.

*Information below is subject to change depending on the advice of the government and other organizations. Globe shall not be held liable for any negative or untoward experiences while visiting this country. Travel safely.


Get information on medical assistance, masks, pharmacies, and other health-related inquiries.


Know the contact details of the police, ambulance, and embassies in case of emergency.


Learn about public transport, money changers, and other local services.


I am not feeling well. How can I seek medical help?

For medical assistance while in Thailand, you may call +6622886070.

What is the latest COVID-19 update for Thailand?

To be updated on the lastest COVID-19 updates in Thailand, visit this official website.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Learn more about Thailand's reopening to tourists and plan your trip here.

Note: These information are subject to change. Globe shall not be held liable for any negative or untoward experiences while in these locations.

Where can I find a pharmacy?

For your medicinal needs, you may check out these pharmacies:

Boots Stores

View Store Locations >


View Store Locations >

Emergency Contacts

Can I get a list of important phone numbers and key addresses?

For any emergency, you may dial the Thai Tourist Police and Medical Emergencies’ Hotline (112).


Philippines: +662-259-0139 or +662-259-0140 or +662-258-5401

Address: 760 Sukhumvit Road corner Soi Philippines (Soi 30/1) Bangkok 10110

Local Services

Where can I buy masks?

To comply with the COVID-19 policies in Thailand, you may buy masks from these pharmacies:

Where can I change my money?

In case you need to exchange your money to other currencies, you can change money at banks, ATMs or at money changers.

To stay safe, we recommend contactless options like using online or credit card payments.

Super Rich is a popular money changer in Bangkok with competitive rates. View their locations here.

What are the public transport options?

Public transport is generally affordable in Thailand. To stay safe, you may choose to hail a cab or call a Grab.

In Bangkok, BTS Skytrain is the popular light rail system used by all.

How can I arrange a private airport transfer/driver service?

For more information on tourism, visit this link.

Are there any local customs or norms I should observe or be aware of during the pandemic?

Due to possible regular changes on the COVID-19 policies, we encourage you to always visit the Thai Embassy website.


What's the best roaming plan for the Philippines?

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How do I check my roaming usage and balance?

You may download and access the GlobeOne app to track your data usage and see all of the promos available in your country of destination.

For Roaming related concerns, you can also reach us at any of the following channels:

Message us via Facebook, or call the Roaming Hotline +63277301212 toll-free on your Globe mobile.

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