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For Kids

Discover thousands of engaging and kidsafe scholarly resources, from cool shows to fun games.

Student & Career Guide

Gain access to specialized student opportunities from choosing the right schools or universities, scholarships, courses, internships, and more.

Upskilling Partners

Improve your craft using personalized and expert-approved courses made for every skill set.

Edutainment at Home

Unleash artistic potentials through fun virtual learning platforms that can help boost your creativity.


Da Vinci Kids

Make learning fun with Da Vinci Kids’ award-winning, expertly curated content made for kids aged 6 to 12 years old. Discover a wide selection of age-appropriate resources such as educational shows, brain games, and kidsafe materials, all in one app.

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Find courses, scholarships, schools, resources and educational opportunities in just a few clicks with Edukasyon.ph!

Globe Prepaid

Access Edukasyon.ph with Go+99 that gives you extra 8 GB for GoLEARN apps on top of 8 GB for all sites and unli allnet texts for seven days. Register via GlobeOne app!


Get up to 2 GB per day access to your favorite learning apps and tools including Google Learning, Zoom, and Edukasyon.ph with TM EasySURF!

For Your Upskilling Needs

Level up your skills with various apps offering a wide range of courses that’ll get you ahead of the game.

shaw academy

Explore upskillist’s wide range of globally accredited certification classes for higher education at a lower cost.


Master the art of visual design with Canva, a tool that helps you create and design presentations, infographics, videos, and more.


Explore new skills, deepen existing passions, and get lost in creativity with thousands of inspiring online classes on Skillshare.

Edutainment at Home

Online learning has never been this exciting, thanks to these virtual platforms made for the creative minds.


Find a variety of stories ranging from light novels to fan fiction to comic books from WebNovel, your fictional series hub! It's an online platform that's perfect not only for readers but also for writers!

Ayala Museum

Go on an online field trip with Ayala Museum’s educational resources and enrich your love for art, history, and culture. Watch virtual exhibits, do activities, and attend workshops for all ages.


Own your passion for storytelling with Wattpad, the world's most loved storytelling platform. Enjoy reading on Wattpad by loading HomeWATCH199, with 34 GB data for seven days and get 6 GB daily on any content, and 4 GB daily for Wattpad content.

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