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ONEPlan Terms & Conditions - Globe

Globe ONEPlan Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions specific to the ONEPlan Subscription (“ONEPlan”) supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement (“SA”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the SA and these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. All other terms and conditions of the SA not otherwise inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions shall remain binding and effective.

ONEPlan allows the Subscriber to select a plan based on his/her requirements. To avail ONEPlan, the Subscriber simply needs to select his/her desired Plan Type and data allowance under these Terms and Conditions.

Plan Types

Subscription to ONEPlan requires enrollment in one of the following plan types:   

  • ONEPlan 1999
  • ONEPlan 3499
  • Platinum ONEPlan 4499
  • Platinum ONEPlan 7499
  • Platinum ONEPlan 10999

ONEPlan refers to an all-in-one connectivity bundle that features a Mobile Postpaid plan, mobile data allocation, mobile phone and unlimited high-speed internet. All plans in this Plan Type come with free monthly 3GB GoWiFi access to GoWiFi hotspots nationwide for the entire plan duration, and Unli All-Net mobile calls, landline calls and texts. 

Under ONEPlan, the Subscriber agrees that:

  1. His/her chosen ONEPlan has a Holding Period/Lock-up of 24 months from date of line activation, for which he/she will be charged the corresponding Monthly Recurring Fee (“MRF”.) The broadband plan included in his/her plan will also have a lockup coterminous to his/her mobile plan.

  2. The MRF shall be the minimum payment due Globe.  

  3. Any additional mobile services availed within the billing cycle shall be automatically charged on top of his/her MRF for the current billing cycle in his/her postpaid mobile bill

  4. Any additional broadband services availed within the billing cycle shall be automatically charged on top of his/her MRF for the current billing cycle in his/her postpaid broadband bill.

  5. He/she may terminate or downgrade his/her plan, subject to full payment of a pre-termination fee (based on the formula below), as well as all outstanding and historical balances.

Pretermination Fee=Penalty Fee+Unpaid Monthly Installment+Admin Fee

Penalty fee=Handset Base Price+Modem Fee+Mesh Fee+FTTR Fee-Cashout

Total holding period in months
*Remaining holding period in months


  1. Penalty Fee is the penalty imposed for not completing the holding period specified in the service contract.

  2. Handset Base Price refers to the price of the availed device at the point of plan subscription.

  3. Modem Fee is ₱4,500 for VDSL and GPON Broadband accounts. 

  4. Mesh Fee is only available to ONEPlan offers with bundled mesh devices, if applicable.

  5. FTTR Fee refers to relevant fees incurred upon installation of Fiber to the Room (FTTR) service, if applicable.

  6. Cashout refers to the amount required from the Subscriber to avail the chosen device at a certain plan, if applicable.

  7. Unpaid Monthly Installment refers to the portion of the cashout that has not been paid by the Subscriber in case of installment arrangement.

  8. Admin fee refers to the relevant costs incurred by Globe to process the request for plan termination or downgrade.

  9. Once the Pre-Termination Fees are paid by the subscriber, the ownership of the modem and mesh will remain with Globe and not transferred to the subscriber. Upon termination of the account, Globe will collect the device inclusions on any scheduled visit. 

  10. Ownership of the modem and mesh or FTTR will only be transferred to the subscriber if they complete the contract period of 24 months.


Disney+ Premium (12 months for Plan 3499, 4499, 7499 and 10999 only)

*These free contents are not refundable/convertible to cash if unused partially or completely.

Redemption of Disney+ may be done via the GlobeOne app.  These vouchers should be redeemed within 30 days of installation/plan upgrade confirmation. 

Failure to redeem the free content vouchers within the allowable period shall forfeit the offer. Content access will be terminated for customers who do not give their confirmation to extend by the end of the free trial. Further, it shall be terminated if a subscriber downgrades to GFiber plans that are not eligible for the free content offers or if the subscriber terminates his/her plan.

Monthly charges for the content availed of by the subscriber after the free trial will be billed on top of the Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) of the subscribed plan. Content’s monthly charges are as follows:

  • Disney+ Premium: ₱369/month starting on the 13th month

Globe reserves the right to add, delete, stop or modify any or all of the offerings under the Globe At Home plans.


Additional services on top of the inclusions of the Subscriber’s chosen ONEPlan, such as but not limited to additional data promo, international roaming service, content subscription, value-added service, 0917 Lifestyle Booster (see mechanics below) and Share-A-Load service, can be availed any time, subject to Subscriber’s Spending Limit:

  1. Availment of add-ons will require raising a request through any of the Globe official channels, such as online via the GlobeOne app or web, social via Facebook Messenger (Gie), or the Globe Stores. The corresponding fee(s) for each add-on shall be automatically charged on top of the MRF for the current bill period. 

  2. If Subscriber avails of a recurring add-on, it will auto-renew every thirty (30) days unless the Subscriber opts-out of the add-on. Opt out from the add-on will require raising a request through any of the Globe official channels, such as online via the GlobeOne app or web, social via Facebook Messenger (Gie), or the Globe Stores. However, the Subscriber will not receive any refund or rebate of the monthly fee(s) incurred for the unused Add-on(s) opted-out regardless of opt out date.

  3. If Subscriber avails of a one-time add-on, it will expire based on stated promo validity and will not auto-renew. Should he/she wish to enjoy the add-on again, Subscriber must register again by raising a request through any of the Globe official channels, such as online via the GlobeOne app or web, social via Facebook Messenger (Gie), or the Globe Stores.

Availment of a combination of add-ons is allowed, as long as within the Subscriber’s Spending Limit.

Spending Limit

Subscriber’s ONEPlan will have a default Spending Limit, which is the amount a subscriber can spend for additional services on top of his/her plan, within a specific billing period. When this amount is reached, availment of additional services may be disabled to help manage subscriber spending. The Spending Limit amount shall be at least a minimum of Two Hundred Pesos (Php200.00) on top of his/her MRF amount. The Spending Limit amount may be changed by raising a request through any of the Globe official channels, such as online via the GlobeOne app or web, social via Facebook Messenger (Gie), or the Globe Stores, subject to the sole approval of Globe under existing criteria, terms and conditions. Globe reserves the exclusive right to review and revise the criteria, terms and conditions for the increase or decrease of the Spending Limit.

Paperless Billing

Globe shall send the Subscriber his/her Billing Statement digitally using the email address provided on the subscription agreement and via a text from GLOBEMYBILL which contains a secure link that will let the Subscriber view, download and save his/her billing statement using a phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Subscriber undertakes that he/she has provided Globe with a valid and active e-mail address on the subscription agreement. Should there be any changes on his/her email address, Subscriber agrees to notify Globe through any of the Globe official channels, such as online via the GlobeOne app or web, social via Facebook Messenger (Gie), or the Globe Stores.

If Subscriber requires a printed copy of his/her Billing Statement, he/she may (i) print a copy thereof by accessing his/her GlobeOne app; or (ii) when he downloads his/her bill from the text sent to him by GLOBEMYBILL.

Personal Information

Subscriber undertakes that subscription to ONEPlan may entail use, disclosure, and sharing with Globe’s subsidiaries and affiliates including but not limited to Globe Capital Venture Holdings, Inc. [917 Ventures], G-Xchange, Inc. [GCash], Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc. [Mynt], Fuse Lending, Inc. [Fuse], AdSpark, Inc. [AdSpark], Kickstart Ventures, Inc. [Kickstart], Electronic Commerce Payments, Inc. [ECPay], Asticom Technology, Inc. [Asticom], Yondu, Inc. [Yondu] and Innove, Inc. [Globe at Home] (hereinafter “subsidiaries and affiliates”), partners, and third-party service providers, all information contained in this application about the subscriber and his/her subscription, network and connections, service usage and payment patterns, information about the device and equipment he/she uses to access the service, websites and apps used in the services, information from the subsidiaries and affiliates, partners, and third-party service providers including third-party advertisers, and any data or analytics derived therefrom, in whatever form (hereinafter “Personal Information”), for the following purposes: processing any application or request for availment of any product and/or service, enhancement of the products and services, credit investigation and scoring, advertising and promoting new products and services, to the end view of improving the subscriber’s and/or the public’s customer experience. Know more about Globe’s Data Privacy.

Gadget Features

If subscribed to ONEPlan, the Subscriber acknowledges that the Gadget he/she receives in connection with his/her ONEPlan subscription is locked to Globe’s network. The Subscriber shall not have the said lock removed or disabled within the Holding Period/Lockup. If Subscriber is already out of his Holding Period/Lockup, he may request for unlocking by raising a request through any of the Globe official channels, such as Platinum Relationship Managers, Thea, Platinum Digital Assistant, or the Globe Stores.

The Subscriber acknowledges that he/she has reviewed and understood all the features of the Gadget obtained, especially when it involves using the Gadget to access the internet, including how to unregister from the same if necessary. The Subscriber is aware that there are charges for accessing the internet using his/her Gadget depending on the mobile internet service availed of or registered to on top of his/her MRF. In addition, the Subscriber who will use roaming services shall be responsible for accessing Globe’s website for information on applicable roaming internet, call and text rates.

Gadget Replacement & Repair

Within seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the Gadget, the Subscriber shall submit to any Globe Store the defective Gadget (inclusive of the gadget, accessories and box), the official receipt and/or other documents supporting the transaction (i.e. the form which contains Gadget model and IMEI number). 

Beyond seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the Gadget, GLOBE shall not accept any Gadget replacement. Instead, the Subscriber shall submit the defective Gadget through the Gadget manufacturer’s authorized service center(s) for repair.

All GLOBE provided Gadgets have a one (1) year Manufacturer’s Warranty (“Warranty Period”). After the Warranty Period, Subscriber may still report Gadget’s defects to Globe but charges for repair, replacement and other associated costs will apply and shall be for the account of the subscriber. 

Apple Inc.’s Warranty Terms and Conditions for iPhone

Apple Inc. (‘Apple”) provides a limited one (1)-year manufacturer's warranty ("Warranty Period") from date of purchase.  The limited warranty shall be Apple’s sole responsibility during the Warranty Period and covers all iPhone-related software and hardware concerns. Subscriber has the obligation to read/view carefully the complete terms and conditions of Apple warranty available at  For iPhone assessment, the following Apple Service Providers can be contacted by the Subscriber: 

Power Mac Center (02) 7254672 or (0917) 5806851

Senco Link Technologies, Inc. (02) 893-4100 to 03 or (02) 812-6719 or (02) 810-5270

Devices - HUAWEI AX3 Dual Core Mesh (2pcs) and its accessories & HUAWEI Fiber-to-the-Room Solution and its accessories

Ownership Rights

The Device is the sole and exclusive property of Globe and is available for rental only over a 24-month lock-up period. Upon availment of this promo, the customer agrees to use the rented Device as part of his/her subscription to the Globe At Home plan. Customer agrees that he/she shall not tamper or alter the Device in any way. The rental fee for the Device is already included in the Monthly Service Fee (MSF). At the end of the 24-month lock-up period, the ownership of the Device will be transferred to the customer.

Delivery of the Device

Device will be delivered via courier to the designated address of the customer and can be installed by the customer.

Disclaimer and Limitations

Customer acknowledges that the device experience will vary depending on the distance of mesh, devices connected to the mesh, applications being used, and other external factors. Mesh connection speed will not exceed the maximum speed of your internet plan and the minimum average speed is 30% of the current plan speed. Average area coverage for two (2) pcs. of mesh is ten (10) meters. Maximum throughput of 500 mbps over WiFi connection in laboratory setting. Other factors can affect speed and coverage. Customer agrees that Globe is not liable for any changes or developments initiated by the Device brand manufacturer that may cause any of the Devices and their respective software to malfunction or to stop functioning, subject to the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty and Repair

The Device is provided "as is" and Globe does not warrant that the Device will satisfy the customer's requirements or that the performance will be error-free. If customer is unsatisfied with the Device performance (in terms of mesh coverage*, mesh speeds*, set-up, damaged mesh received) Globe will work with the customer to resolve his/her concerns. This may include:

  • Over the phone/online support

  • Remote network speed tests

  • Visit from Globe At Home technician

Subject to the manufacturer's warranty, the Device is covered by warranty as long as customer is within the 24-mo lock-up period and on good standing. The Subscriber shall contact Globe via the following channels only - Globe At Home App, Hotline (211 or 7730-1000), and FB Messenger for initial troubleshooting. This service is free as long as the customer has an active Globe At Home plan. Customer must present this Promo Certification upon availing of the warranty. Customer will be endorsed to a technician after initial troubleshooting and pre-checking. Technician visit and installment of the new mesh (if necessary) will be free of charge as long as customer is within his/her 24-mo lock up and in good standing. For Device replacement, Globe shall have the sole discretion to determine whether the Device shall be replaced. Unless there was negligence, fault, misconduct, act or omission of the part of the subscriber, Globe will replace the Device at no additional cost to the subscriber as long as he/she is still subscribed to the plans that come with the Device.

Refund and Return Policy

The customer agrees that no cancellation is allowed once the plan order is confirmed. Should the subscriber change his/her mind, prefers a plan with no mesh bundle or wants to pre-terminate the plan, the customer agrees to pay the Device cost or the Termination Fees, whichever is applicable. Any issues with the Device shall be immediately reported to Globe for appropriate repair or replacement, as the case may be.

Know more details about the HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi6 Mesh.

Know more details about the HUAWEI Fiber-To-The-Room Solution.

Homesquad for Platinum ONEPlan

Customers who avail of Platinum ONEPlan 4499 and Platinum ONEPlan 7499 are entitled to a one-time, on-demand home assessment and installation of devices by the Globe Home Squad*. The free visit duration will only be for two (2) hours. Costs pertaining to any excess in the two (2) hour visit may or may not be charged to the Subscriber, subject to the sole determination of Globe.

Eligible services under the Home Squad technician are defined as follows:

  1. Network Connectivity Upgrades (Bridge Mode, Port Forwarding, Mesh Installation, etc.)

  2. Intelligent Home Management (Intelligent Device and Content Setup, AI Assistant & Automation, etc.)

  3. Mobile Servicing (VoWiFi and VoLTE)

ONEPlan 10999 availers will be visited by the Home Squad to install FTTR. 

Any other additional visits will cost Php 1200 per activity charged to the subscriber’s broadband bill. Globe at Home Device/s purchased during the Home Squad visit will also be separately charged to the subscriber’s broadband bill. An accomplished promo certificate will be required from the customer once the activity is completed.

All Home Squad Visits have a 30-day service warranty to support any concerns that may arise after the Home Squad visit.

*Customer may request via the VIP hotline (188 for mobile or 027730-1888 for landline) within lock up period

Lock-Up Period

Default lock-up period for new ONEPlan subscribers is twenty four (24) months.

Other Provisions

Even if Subscriber’s subscription to his/her ONEPlan is suspended/barred, the Subscriber agrees that he/she shall still be billed for the MRF, but he/she shall not be able to use the service until Subscriber settles the overdue balance of his/her account in full. Upon full settlement of overdue balance, Subscriber will be reconnected and will enjoy his/her ONEPlan inclusions.

GLOBE reserves the right to add, stop, delete or modify any or all of the offerings under the ONEPlan.