Specific to ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS plan renewal/upgrade

General Description

These Terms and Conditions specific to ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS (“Plans”) supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement (“SA”) and Postpaid Subscription Agreement (www.globe.com.ph). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the SA and Platinum Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Platinum Terms and Conditions specific to the Plans shall prevail. All other terms and conditions of the SA not otherwise inconsistent with these Platinum Terms and Conditions shall remain applicable.

ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS subscriptions are subject to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its amendments, the Globe Privacy Policy as well as Globe’s Fair Use Policy. I have read and do agree with Globe’s Privacy Policy stated in http://www.globe.com.ph/privacy-policy.

Platinum Plan Options

ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS allow the Subscriber to create a mobile plan depending on his/her requirements. To build a plan, the Subscriber needs to choose and add together relevant and available add-ons and packs under these Terms and Conditions.

The Subscriber may enroll in any of the following:

  • ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS: Plan-only subscription with no contract lock-up
  • ThePLATINUM Plan Without Device: Plan subscription with chosen device and new contract lock-up Plan-only subscription with existing contract lock-up
  • ThePLATINUM Plan With Device: Plan subscription with chosen device and new contract lock-up

The enrollment created hereinabove by the Subscriber will be his/her personalized subscription for which he/she will be charged the corresponding Monthly Recurring Fee (“MRF”). The MRF shall be the minimum payment due Globe.

Upon enrollment in ThePLATINUM Plan / ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS, the Subscriber further agrees that:

  1. ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS comes with the following built-in services:
    1. Platinum All-Month Surf2
    2. Unlimited calls and texts to all networks;
    3. Unlimited calls to landline with the same area code and DUO numbers in the same area (when available)

      2With the Platinum All-Month Surf, Subscriber will enjoy continuous local data surfing without additional charges. Globe’s Fair Use Policy applies to this service. Globe will implement network management control measures to give all its customers the opportunity to enjoy Globe network.

  2. ThePLATINUM Plan 4999, ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 and ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS come with a consumable allowance that can be used for regular and non-promo rates:
    • Subscription to GoCallIDD for Php199/month that will auto-renew every billing cycle. The subscriber can opt out of GoCallIDD at any time with the modification taking effect on the next billing cycle.
    • Dedicated services of a Platinum Relationship Manager for Php199/month that will auto-renew every billing cycle. The subscriber can opt out of the dedicated Platinum Relationship Manager at any time with the modification taking effect on the next billing cycle.

      Subscriber of ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS shall have a dedicated Platinum Relationship Manager and no amount will be deducted from the consumable allowance.

    • Subscription to select digital content. The subscription will auto-renew every billing cycle unless the Subscriber opts out of or terminates the content subscription. The subscriber can opt out of a subscription at any time and the modification will take effect on the next billing cycle. Opting out from or terminating of the content subscription will require either going to the nearest Globe Store, calling the Platinum Hotline, chatting with Thea, the Platinum Digital Assistant (glbe.co/Thea), or by calling his/her Platinum Relationship Managers. However, the Subscriber will not receive any refund or rebate for the unused consumable allowance for the content subscription opted out of regardless of opt-out date.

    The consumable allowance shall also be used for (a) international calls and texts, and (b) roaming calls and texts. Regular rates for international calls and texts, and zonal rates for roaming calls and texts will apply. Any charges exceeding the consumable allowance will be billed on top of the MRF.

    The consumable allowance will not be used for any data roaming promos or per MB charging. All charges from mobile data roaming will be billed on top of the MRF.

    Upon activation, the consumable allowance shall be provided in full and without proration. Any and all unused consumable allowance will be forfeited after every billing cycle, and the allowance shall be refreshed on the next billing cycle.

  3. Specific to ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS Subscription, the Subscriber further agrees that should he/she decide in the future to avail of a gadget, the Subscriber would need to change his/her ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS to the ThePLATINUM Plan With Device offer and will no longer get to enjoy the additional advantages of the ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS.
  4. During the Contract Period, Subscriber shall not terminate nor downgrade his/her plan within the Contract Period. Otherwise, a pre-termination fee based on the formula below and P550 administration fee will be charged to the Subscriber based on his/her current plan.

    However, plan upgrades are excluded from the pre-termination fee charging.

ThePLATINUM Plan PLUSN/A                           N/A
ThePLATINUM Plan Without DeviceN/A                           N/A
ThePLATINUM Plan with Device12/24/36
Handset Base Price [HBP] minus Cash Payment
Total Contract Period
xRemaining Contract Period

*Depending on the choice of device

Bill Control Program

Subscriber may enroll his/her ThePLATINUM Plan or ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS in Globe’s Bill Control Program whereby the Subscriber’s plan will be automatically barred from performing outgoing services once his/her plan has reached or is about to reach its Spending Limit, as determined by Subscriber himself. “Spending Limit” refers to the maximum limit or cap that Subscriber is willing to incur for his/her mobile usage within a specific billing period. The Spending Limit, shall be, at all times, shall not be greater than the amount remaining after the MRF is deducted from the credit limit of the account, and shall not be less than Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00). Subscriber may enroll his/her ThePLATINUM Plan or ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS anytime by going to the nearest Globe Store, calling the Platinum Hotline, chatting with Thea, the Platinum Digital Assistant (glbe.co/Thea), or calling his/her Platinum Relationship Manager.

Gross Monthly Income

The Subscriber certifies that the declared Gross Monthly Income is aligned to the submitted Proof of Financial Income (POFC) to obtain and maintain the Globe Platinum Plan Subscription.

Paperless Billing

Globe shall send Subscriber his/her Billing Statement on-line using the email address provided on the SA and via a text from GLOBEMYBILL which contains a secure link that will let the Subscriber view, download, save and print his billing statement using a mobile device, PC or laptop. Subscriber undertakes that he/she has provided Globe with a valid and active email address on the SA. Should there be any changes on his/her email address, Subscriber will notify GLOBE thereof by going to the nearest Globe Store, calling the Hotline, or logging on to the Globe Website myBill Account.

If Subscriber requires a printed copy of his/her Billing Statement, he/she may (i) print a copy thereof by accessing his/her myBill Account through the GLOBE website (www.globe.com.ph); or (ii) request for the delivery of his printed Billing Statement to his/her billing address.

Gadget Features

The Subscriber acknowledges that the gadget he/she receives in connection with his/her ThePLATINUM Plan subscription is locked to Globe’s network. During the Holding Period, the Subscriber shall not have said lock removed or disabled.

The Subscriber acknowledges that he/she has reviewed and understood all the features of the gadget obtained, especially when it involves using the gadget to access the internet, including how to unregister from the same if necessary. The Subscriber is aware that there are charges for accessing the internet using his/her gadget depending on the mobile internet service availed of or registered to on top of his/her MRF. In addition, the Subscriber who will use roaming services shall be responsible for accessing Globe’s website for information on applicable roaming internet, call and text rates.

Gadget Replacement and Repair

Within 7 calendar days from receipt of the gadget, the Subscriber shall submit to any Globe Store the defective gadget (inclusive of the gadget, accessories and box), the official receipt and/or other documents supporting the transaction (i.e. the form which contains the gadget model and IMEI number).

Beyond seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the gadget, GLOBE shall not accept any gadget replacement. Instead, the Subscriber shall submit the defective gadget through the gadget manufacturer’s authorized service center(s) for repair.

All GLOBE-provided gadgets have a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty (“Warranty Period”). After the Warranty Period, Subscriber may still report gadget’s defects to Globe but charges for repair and other associated costs will apply.

Apple Inc’s Warranty Terms and Conditions for iPhone

Apple Inc. (‘Apple”) provides a limited one (1)-year manufacturer's warranty ("Warranty Period") from the date of purchase. The limited warranty shall be Apple’s sole responsibility during the Warranty Period and covers all iPhone-related software and hardware concerns.

Subscriber has the obligation to read/view carefully the complete terms and conditions of Apple warranty available at https://www.apple.com/legal/warranty/products/iphone-english-a.html. For iPhone assessment, the following Apple Service Providers can be contacted by the Subscriber: Power Mac Center (02) 8725-4672 / Senco Link Technologies, Inc. (02) 8893-4103 or (0917) 5292416 / Apple Care Support 1-800-8908-8277.

Other Provisions

If Subscriber’s subscription to his/her ThePLATINUM Plan/ThePLATINUM Plan PLUS is suspended/barred, the Subscriber shall still be billed for the MRF, but he/she shall not be able to use the service until Subscriber settles the balance of his/her account in full. Packs will not be opted out/terminated but customer will not be able to use the service if barred/suspended. Upon reconnection, however, the same shall be reactivated without need for re-enrollment.

  1. Should the Subscriber transfer his/her account to another Subscriber during the Agreement Period, any charges for the month or remaining balance from the previous bill should be settled prior to transfer, including the Administrative Fee of Php550. In addition, the transfer to the new Subscriber (the “transferee”) is still subject to approval by Globe.
  2. The Subscriber’s current subscription enrolled under this Program shall not be entitled to any other promotional activity.
  3. The Subscriber’s personal Information may be disclosed to (a) third parties to whom certain Globe functions are being outsourced to, (b) law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or external advisors where permitted or required by law, (c) financial institutions, credit bureaus or similar organizations tasked to provide credit reporting or (d) as provided in Globe Privacy Policy and SA.
  4. In the event of termination of subscription for whatever reason, the Subscriber will not be able to use the service after the termination date and that he/she has the sole obligation to notify or inform his/her contact persons of the termination of the service on termination date.
  5. Until there is a change in law, the mobile number assigned to the Subscriber is a randomly assigned telephone number that is based on the numbering plan assigned by the NTC and that Globe retains ownership over this number, thus, Globe has the right to change and allocate any telephone number assigned to him/her at any time without incurring any liability for any loss or inconvenience on Globe’s part and that Globe has the right to dispose of the telephone number in whatever way Globe deems necessary and/or convenient in the event of terminating his/her subscription with Globe.
  6. Should the Subscriber’s line get temporarily disconnected within the current Agreement Period for a cumulative number of at least 30 days, the Subscriber commits to the conditions stated above for an additional period equivalent to the number of days of his/her subscription that was temporarily disconnected.
  7. 1For Globe Subscription Agreement Terms and Conditions. For Data Privacy Policy.