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Thank A Hero - Globe Platinum

A Noche Buena Feast for Our Heroes

Last December 24, Globe Platinum delivered Noche Buena to hospitals across the country to show our gratitude to our heroes working hard on Christmas eve. Included in the feast is a special video presentation with messages of care and continued applause from Globe Platinum customers.

Delight a frontliner through Thea, Your Digital Assistant.

Join us in showing appreciation for our brave frontliners who continuously lead the battle against COVID-19. 

Together, let's brighten the day of our heroes by surprising them with a gift of thanks. The first token you’ll give is on us.


Your tokens will be delivered to our beneficiaries on the following dates:

  • SEPTEMBER 29: Orders from September 21 - September 27
  • OCTOBER 6: Orders from September 28 - October 4
  • OCTOBER 30: Orders from October 4 - October 28
  • NOVEMBER 27: Orders October 29 - November 25
The Cookie Bar

The Cookie Bar

Nine Mini Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies



Three Regular Cups of Panda Milk Tea

J. Co

J. Co

Half-Dozen Assorted Doughnuts

Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's

Three Pieces of Assorted Pretzels

Here’s a Simple Way to Send Love to Our Frontliners

It’s been months since the country started its fight against COVID-19, but many will agree that the working conditions of those at its front lines—be it in hospitals, at checkpoints, or in supermarkets—still leave a lot to be desired.


How can I participate?

Is the program free for everyone?

The program is open to all Globe Platinum customers. To give everyone the opportunity to participate, Platinum is providing a one-time complimentary token to each subscriber that they can send to their chosen beneficiary. 

Chat with Thea, Your Digital Assistant, so she can assist you in purchasing additional items.

Can I do this one-time for my multiple Platinum accounts?

To participate in the program, each mobile number has to go through the process of chatting with Thea, our Digital Assistant. Should you wish to have all your Platinum accounts participate, kindly opt-in all the numbers to Thea by clicking on this link

I already participated in the program but I wish to add more gifts for my chosen beneficiary. How can I do this?

Should you wish to add more token of appreciation to your chosen beneficiary, you may chat with Thea, Your Digital Assistant, she can assist you in purchasing additional items.