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Data Packages - GoSURF, AddSURF, Data Rollover - Globe Postpaid

Customize your plan according to your needs and start reinventing your digital lifestyle.

Bigger Data Allocation

Go for more data, so you could do more of what you love online.

Affordable All-Net Calls and Texts

Keep in touch with your loved ones with all-net calls and texts that fit your budget.

Double Rewards

Get more rewards points, access to premium content, and exclusive perks.

No Lock-Up

Enjoy our plans with no contract, because we commit to making you want to stay.


Different online activities require different amounts of data. Watch Nico give Solenn the drill on choosing the GoSURF pack that suits her needs.

Get GoSURF to enjoy:

Flexible Data

Post, stream, or play as much as you want with more GoSURF pack options.

Free Entertainment

Get 1 GB you can use on your chosen app for 30 days with any GoSURF pack.

Easy Add-ons

Boost your plan’s monthly data allocation with GoSURF and AddSURF* add-ons.

Rollover Data

Rollover unused data automatically to your plan’s allocation for the following month.

*AddSURF is only applicable to ThePLAN and ThePLAN PLUS.


Too much fun online causes data to run out faster. Good thing ThePLAN lets you get extra GBs when needed. See how easy it is with Nico and Solenn.


Add more data to surf, watch, or play longer with your GoSURF pack by texting the keyword to 8080.


Text GS ADDSURF 99 to 8080 and get an additional 1 GB you can use for anything online. This can be availed multiple times.


Text GOWATCH 399 to 8080 and get an additional 10 GB you can use for video streaming.

Data Rollover

Did you know that your plan’s unused data for the month doesn’t really go to waste? Solenn shows you how it works in this video.


Keep Watching, Listening, or Playing Anytime


Ride Off to a Great Workout Experience

Get Saddle Row’s official ride-at-home bike with ThePLAN 1799.


What is Globe's latest postpaid plan?

Globe's latest postpaid plan - ThePLAN - is now better than ever. You get:

  • Larger than life data allowances

  • More flexibility to mix and match different services to fit your needs

  • You can partner the plan with a device (comes with 24 months' contract)

  • More consumable amount when you avail of the SIM-only version

I'd like to avail of a Postpaid plan. What are the requirements I need to present?

The requirements needed to apply for this type of plan are the following: Proof of Identification, Proof of Billing Address and Proof of Financial Capacity. The table below shows the acceptable documents for each type of requirement:

Proof of Identification

  • Company ID
  • Drivers License
  • Passport (bearing signature)

Proof of Billing Address

  • Any Acceptable ID with Address
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Public Utility Bills (electric, water, cable)
  • Bank Statement
  • Notarized Contract of Lease
  • Airway Bill
  • Should be the latest copy and must not be expired.

Proof of Financial Capacity

  • Computerized 1-month Payslip
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • ITR with BIR or Bank-received Stamp (form 1700)
  • W-2 (form 2316)
  • Credit Card (swipe to charge advance monthly service fee)
  • 3-month Certificate of Allotment plus Employment Contract (for overseas workers)
  • Should be the latest copy and must not expired.

What can I submit if I don't have any of those documents mentioned? What else can I submit as proof?

If you're an existing Globe subscriber OR a Line Only applicant: just present a valid I.D.

If you're from an OFW family: submit certificates of allotment for the last three months OR a copy of your foreign remittance slip. They will serve as your proof of income.

If you're a housewife: you may present original copies of Bank Statements, Electricity Bills, OR Rental Lease of Contract.

If you have no proof of income: You may choose to pay a 1-month Monthly Service Fee in advance via your credit card, get an existing Globe subscriber as a Guarantor, OR you can pay your Monthly Service Fee 6 months in advance.Globe has appointed BPI Stock Transfer as its stock transfer agent. It manages Globe's share register and is responsible for ensuring that shareholder details are recorded accurately.

I already have an existing line with Globe. Can I still get another line under my name?

Yes! You can get an additional line subject to existing credit policies. When you apply, you may be asked to submit further documents depending on the type of Postpaid plan you are applying for.