Give Your Unused Data a Second Chance

Don’t let any of your unused data go to waste. Roll it over to use next month or use it on your other devices.

Save Your Data

Here are ways your data can live on when you roll over.

Unused data from the current month will be rolled over to the following month.

Data rolled over from the previous month will be consumed first.

Data can only be rolled over to the following month, not accumulated over months.

Any data remaining after the rollover month will be forfeited.

Activate Data Rollover for Your Plan

Rollover your leftover data in a few easy steps.

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What is data rollover?

Data rollover is the capability to extend the validity of your unused GoSURF data allowance for another month.

Is there a fee if I rollover my unused data?

Rollover of unused data is FREE of charge, as long as you're enrolled in a GoSURF with Rollover service.

Does GoSURF with Rollover also come with FREE content (i.e. Spotify, HOOQ, Disney)?

For now, GoSURF with Rollover doesn't come with any FREE digital content. You can, however, enroll in a paid solo version of these digital content so you can still enjoy premium membership to Spotify, HOOQ, Disney, NBA, or Netflix.

If I have rolled over data and my own personal data allowance all in one cycle, what gets consumed first?

Your data will be consumed according to these hierarchy:

  • Rolled over data allowance from the previous month gets used up first
  • Your personal allowance for the current cycle

Once all available data are consumed, customers will be charged the standard browsing rate of P2/MB.