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Get a new Globe Postpaid Plan, activate Netflix on your current Postpaid Plan, or register to GoWATCH 399 to get more data for watching popular series and films. You can also subscribe to the Netflix offers below:

Basic Standard Definition (SD) video quality with 1 concurrent user P370
Standard High Definition (HD) video quality with 2 concurrent users P460
Premium Ultra High Definition (UHD) video quality with 4 concurrent users P550

New to ThePLAN? Activate the Netflix 6-month gift subscription on ThePLAN by following these steps.

Within 24 hours of subscribing to ThePLAN 999 or up, you'll receive an SMS containing a link to claim your Netflix subscription.
Visit the link provided.
Click "VERIFY" and it will confirm that you're eligible to the Netflix subscription. You'll receive further instructions to get started with your own Netflix account.
Upon completion, you can now view Netflix content either through mobile data* or WiFi.

*Mobile data rates will apply once your GoSURF MBs have been consumed—but you can always get more data when you use your Netflix with GoWATCH 399!

Already a Globe Postpaid subscriber? Check if you're eligible for a 6-month Netflix gift subscription.

Go to and click "Verify Now."

Enter your Globe mobile number to generate the one-time pin via SMS.
Enter the 6-digit one-time pin and click "Next."

For customers with the 6 months Netflix promotion, you'll be notified that you're eligible for the offer. Click "Accept" in order to proceed.

Create your account and click "Start Membership."

Download the app and start watching your favorite movies and TV series.

After the 30-day or 6-month promotion trial period ends, you'll be charged a monthly fee for your Netflix subscription, according to the Netflix variant you selected. Should you not wish to continue with your subscription, simply opt out within the trial period and you won't be charged.