Globe Postpaid Plan Renewal

Let us assist you with your plan renewal.

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Important reminders:

  1. Plan renewal while within contract will be subject to pre-termination fees. To check for ongoing contracts, log in to the GlobeOne app, and go to the Plan Details section.

    If your contract is ending in 30 days or earlier, you may have an early renewal processed without pre-termination fees.

  2. For renewals involving changing of plans, your account will transition from the old plan to the new plan. Please expect to see pro-rated charges of the old and new monthly plans in your bill. These charges will normalize after two bill cycles. 

  3. Please keep your line open and expect a call from one of our service representatives within 3 to 5 days. This is for verification, plan confirmation, and possible payment requirements that are necessary for processing your request.

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