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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - ThePLAN or ThePLATINUM Plan - Globe Postpaid

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Yours at P1,799* with ThePLAN

*Plan 1799 + P49,200 one-time cash-out


Already an existing Postpaid customer?

Special cash-out rates await you when you renew your plan.*

*Promo runs on February 12–20, 2020. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. 02600, Series of 2020.

Features to Love on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Ultra Thin Glass Technology

Keep your phone folded to comfortably fit your palm or unfold it to reveal the 6.7-inch large screen display.

Hands-Free Camera Experience

Unfold your phone halfway and prop it for easy video calling and tripodless photos.

Seamless Functions

Control your phone or get notification on the cover screen, or multitask with the Multi Active Window Tray.

Own the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with Globe.

Want to Talk To Someone Instead?

For new plan applications, you may call (02) 7730-1010. For plan renewal, you may apply through the Globe Online Shop.


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