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GoCREATE - Create and Customize Your Own Promo - Globe Prepaid

Customize your own promo with GoCREATE!

Nobody knows your needs more than you do. With GoCREATE, you now have the power to create the promo of your dreams!


You’re Free to Choose How You Go

Choose how many days you need.

Choose from 3, 7, and 15 days.

Choose how many 5G GBs you need.

Enjoy 5G speeds when surfing in a 5G area. Choose from 15 GB, 20 GB or 25 GB allocation.

*This step is optional.

Choose how many GBs of data you need.

There’s no such thing as too much data! Choose from 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB, 20 GB open-access data.

Choose how many shareable GBs you need.

Surfing is better together! Share your data with up to four users. Choose from 10 GB, 15 GB or 20 GB of shareable data.

*This step is optional.

Choose your favorite apps.

Make your promo even better with your favorite apps. Choose from GoWATCH, GoPLAY, or GoSHARE with 1 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB allocation.

*This step is optional.

Choose if you need calls.

Not much of a caller? No problem! You will get to choose if you will include unlimited calls or not.

*This step is optional.

Every GoCREATE promo comes with unlimited texts to all networks.

Share & Earn

Now you can share your GoCREATE promo and earn Rewards points!

How does this new Share & Earn feature work?

Upon creating and registering to your GoCREATE promo, you’ll see an option to share it. A unique link will be available for the promo you’ve created, which you can share on social media or directly with friends! When someone registers to your GoCREATE promo, you’ll both get 10 Rewards points each.

How many Rewards points can I earn for sharing my GoCREATE promo?

For every registration through your link, you’ll get 10 Globe Rewards points. You can earn a maximum of 40 points per month.

Let’s Start Creating


Get Everything You Need and More

Chase your passion online with open-access data and up to 15 GB data for your favorite apps!


Connect With People Who Matter

Keep in touch with the fam all day, every day with an unli promo.


What is GoCREATE?

Globe Prepaid’s new GoCREATE allows you to create and customize your own promo! You can choose the validity of your promo, all-access, content, 5G, and shareable GBs, and have an option to add unli allnet calls! As an added bonus, all GoCREATE promos already come with free unli allnet texts! Now, you can also earn Globe Rewards points for sharing your GoCREATE promo! 

Who can register to GoCREATE?

GoCREATE is available to all Globe Prepaid customers nationwide.

How do I register to GoCREATE?

You can register to GoCREATE by going to the New GlobeOne app. Just go to the main dashboard and tap on the GoCREATE banner to start creating your own promo!