GoSHOP Partners Terms and Conditions

GCash P50 QR Voucher

  • A customer can only claim one QR voucher per promo registration.
  • A customer can only claim the QR voucher within the validity of the promo registration.
  • A customer can only claim one voucher per week.
  • All QR vouchers are valid for 60 days upon claiming.
  • All QR vouchers may only be used at merchants accepting GCash.
  • All QR vouchers can only be used once.
  • Earned discounts from this promo will be counted in the unique customer’s total cumulative cashbacks/discounts, capped at P1,000.00 for the month, along with any other on-going GCash QR promos applicable.
  • GCash has the right to withhold incentive crediting for suspicious or fraudulent transactions. Customers who have been determined to be fraudulent or abusive in any ongoing or completed GCash promotion are automatically disqualified for this GCash promo QR voucher promotion.