Innovative Talk2Globe Twitter channel gets Quill recognition

December 27, 2013

Members of Globe Customer Experience Management team are all smiles as they proudly show the Award of Excellence they received from Quill for their Talk2Globe project. They are from left Chris Lipman, Kyle Castro, Olivia Tan, Divi Vocal, Eldridge Tan, Miggy Dela Cruz and Glenn Ong.

In recognition of its thrust on customer-centricity,Globe Telecom was given an Award of Excellence at the recent Quill Awardsfor its innovative Talk2Globe customer engagement channel, a deliberate and strategic endeavor that harnessed the power of the social media and enabled the telco to build a lasting relationship with its subscribers.

The Award of Excellence acknowledges Globe Telecom's pioneering effort to provide meaningful, efficient and personalized customer service using Twitter as a key platform as the company attends to customers' concerns.

"Globe Telecom's commitment to honest and sincere communication pushed the company to pursue this social media initiative despite various challenges encountered. The project was successful because Globe was able to align itself with what its subscribers need- meaningful, efficient and personalized service wherever they are, whenever they need it," said Chris Lipman, Globe Customer Experience Management Head. Lipman noted growing access to internet connectivity in the Philippines. Based on 2012 estimates, about 34 million Filipinos have internet access, of which around 10 million were Twitter users.

According to Lipman, the Twitter channel empowered Globe to respond faster to issues as well as address inquires about products and services in a manner that was more personal, meaningful and engaging.

Globe made use of Lithium Social Web, a social media management tool that allowed for a more efficient workflow because it automated several processes that used to be manually conducted by customer service agents. It also handpicked in-house specialists to represent the brand on Twitter.

Following the enhancements on Talk2Globe,the number of tweets captured per month surged three-fold a proof that the tool was effective in increasing the reach of the channel.A 95% increase in the number of agent responses per month was also indicative of heightened productivity of the online specialists. To date, Globe receives an average of 34,000 tweets a month and releases over 150,000 tweets.

Recently, Globe was also awarded Best in Customer Service Initiative for its Customer Service Innovation on Social Media at the Asia Communications Awards and World Communication Awards, which recognizes the achievements of telecommunication companies and individuals responsible for the innovations, achievements and new services that build the industry.