Banking with BPI just got even more rewarding! Aside from the privileges of BPI Real Thrills Rewards (RTR), you can now also experience the awesome perks of being a Globe customer by converting your points! Turn your BPI RTR points to Globe Rewards points and enjoy bill rebates, call, text, and mobile internet promos, gift certificates, and gadgets!  Plus you can also use your Globe Rewards points for items in all our partner merchants!

  • Eligibility. All BPI cardholders who wish to convert their RTR points must have an active Globe number to qualify for the promo.*
  • Transaction. You may only convert your points via phone or email. Call BPI Express Phone at 89-100 or email [email protected] to convert your points.
  • Point requirement. Cardholders must have at least 100 BPI RTR points that will be converted to 10 Globe Rewards points. You may call the BPI hotline to know your available RTR points.
BPI RTR Points Globe Rewards Points
10 1
500 50
1, 000 100
1, 500 150
2, 000 200

You will receive a notification within three to five working days that your Rewards points have already been credited to your mobile number. Once received, you may use your Rewards points to redeem items or services from all our partner stores nationwide! To know your current Globe Rewards points balance, text BAL to 4438.

*Point conversion is not applicable to Globe corporate accounts.

Points as Cash Partners

Dine in your favorite resto, watch a film with friends, or shop at any of our partner merchants with your Reward Points!

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