FTTR Terms & Conditions

General Description

These Special Terms supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement ("SA") and Terms and Conditions specific to the Globe At Home Plans ("T&C") (the SA and T&C shall be collectively referred to as "Agreement").  In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the Agreement and these Special Terms, the provisions of these Special Terms shall prevail as to the subject matter herein contained. All other terms and conditions of the Agreement not otherwise inconsistent with these Special Terms shall remain binding and effective.


Check plan availed (choose one):

WIRED (GPON technology)

[ ] Plan 4999 (up to 500 Mbps) Unli with two (2) pcs of Huawei FTTR satellite hub

[ ] Plan 7499 (up to 1 Gbps) Unli with four (4) pcs of Huawei FTTR satellite hub


New Globe At Home Subscribers and change plans for existing subscribers.

Note: All subscription applications are subject to Globe rules, policies and regulatory terms and conditions.

*This promo applies to Filipino and non-Filipino subscribers .


FTTR Bundle 4999 and 7499

  • HBO GO (3 months)
  • Viu (3 months)
  • KonsultaMD (3 months)
  • Disney+ Premium (12 months)

 *These    free     contents     are     not refundable/ convertible to cash if unused partially or completely.

Redemption of HBO GO, Viu, Disney+ and KonsultaMD may be done via the Globe At Home app. These vouchers should be redeemed within 60 days of installation/plan upgrade confirmation.

Failure to redeem the free content vouchers within the allowable period shall forfeit the offer. Content access will be terminated for customers who do not give their confirmation to extend by the end of the free trial. 


The Device can be installed by the customer using the instruction manual that is included in the Device package.

One time and Upfront:

  • FTTR Bundle 4999: Php 4,000
  • FTTR Bundle 7499: Php 6,000
  • FTTR Satellite Hub: Php 1,200 (1 satellite hub)


None for 24-month lock-up.


The billing charges shall contain the Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) of the plan and other charges of the following content add-ons, subject to availment and/or continuing availment by the Subscriber:

  • HBO GO: P149/month starting on the 4th month
  • Viu: P129/month starting on the 4th month
  • KonsultaMD: P150/month starting on the 4th month
  • Disney+Premium: P369/month starting on the 13th month (only available to Plans 1999, 2399 and 2999

Upon activation of a broadband account, the customer has sixty (60) days to redeem the free content vouchers. Failure to redeem the free content vouchers within the said period shall forfeit the offer. These free contents are not refundable/convertible to cash if unused partially or completely. Globe reserves the right to add, delete, stop or modify any or all of the content offerings. For more details, kindly visit https://www.globe.com.ph


Installations made on the same day of submission of application forms to direct sales agents are temporary in nature and subject to the conduct of full verification of the required supporting documents. Acceptance and approval of application is subject to Globe's sole discretion and policy.


The standard fees below shall apply should the subscriber decide to terminate his/her account at any time within the twenty four (24)-month lock-up period.

Modem fee (GPON) of PhP 4 ,500.00 + 2 MRF + balance of any amortization + DEVICE Cost of:

  • FTTR Bundle 4999: Php 59,976 
  • FTTR Bundle 7499: Php 83,976
  • FTTR Satellite Hub: Php 19,176 (per additional satellite hub)

Once the Pre-Termination Fees are paid by the subscriber , the ownership of the modem and Device will be transferred to the subscriber and the same shall not be returned to Globe for any reasons.


Default lock-up period for new subscribers will be twenty four (24) months

Amount to be collected upon installation:For 24 mos lockup: 1 Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF)

Device - HUAWEI Fiber-to-the-Room Solution and its accessories
Ownership Rights 

The Device is the sole and exclusive property of Globe and is available for rental only over a 24-month lock-up period. Upon availment of this promo, the customer agrees to use the rented Device as part of his/her subscription to the Globe At Home plan. Customer agrees that he/she shall not tamper or alter the Device in any way. The rental fee for the Device is already included in the Monthly Service Fee (MSF). At the end of the 24-month lock-up period, the ownership of the Device will be transferred to the customer.

Delivery of the Device

Device will be delivered via courier to the designated address of the customer and the same can be installed by the customer.

Disclaimer and Limitations

Customer acknowledges that the device experience will vary depending on the distance of mesh, devices connected to the mesh, applications being used and other external factors. Mesh connection speed will not exceed the maximum speed of your internet plan and the minimum average speed is 30% of the current plan speed. Average area coverage for two (2) pcs. of mesh is ten (10) meters. Maximum throughput of 500 mbps over WiFi connection in laboratory setting. Other factors can affect speed and coverage. Customer agrees that Globe is not liable for any changes or developments initiated by the Device brand manufacturer that may cause any of the Devices and their respective software to malfunction or to stop functioning, subject to the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty and Repair

The Device is provided "as is" and Globe does not warrant that the Device will satisfy the customer's requirements or that the performance will be error-free. If customer is unsatisfied with the Device performance (in terms of mesh coverage*, mesh speeds*, set-up, damaged mesh received) Globe will work with the customer to resolve his/her concerns. This may include:

  • Over the phone/online support
  • Remote network speed tests
  • Visit from Globe At Home technician

Subject to the manufacturer's warranty, the Device is covered by warranty as long as customer is within the 24-mo lock-up period and on good standing. The Subscriber shall contact Globe via the following channels only - Globe At Home App, Hotline (211 or 7730-1000) and FB Messenger for initial troubleshooting. This service is free as long as the customer has an active Globe At Home plan. Customer must present this Promo Certification upon availing of the warranty. Customer will be endorsed to a technician after initial troubleshooting and pre-checking. Technician visit and installment of the new mesh (if necessary) will be free of charge as long as customer is within his/her 24-mo lock up and in good standing. For Device replacement, Globe shall have the sole discretion to determine whether the Device shall be replaced. Unless there is negligence, fault, misconduct, act or omission of the part of the subscriber, Globe will replace the Device at no additional cost to the subscriber as long as he/she is still subscribed to the plans that come with the Device.

Refund and Return Policy

The customer agrees that no cancellation is allowed once the plan order is confirmed. Should the subscriber change his/her mind, prefers a plan with no mesh bundle or wants to pre-terminate the plan, the customer agrees to pay the Device cost and/or the Termination Fees, whichever is applicable. Any issues with the Device shall be immediately reported to Globe for appropriate repair or replacement, as the case may be.

For more details about the HUAWEI Fiber-To-The-Room Solution kindly https://www.globe.com.ph/broadband/fiber-to-the-room.html#gref