General Description

These Special Terms supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement (“SA”) and Terms and Conditions specific to the Globe At Home Plans (“T&C”) (the SA and T&C shall be collectively referred to as “Agreement”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the Agreement and these Special Terms, the provisions of these Special Terms shall prevail as to the subject matter herein contained. All other terms and conditions of the Agreement not otherwise inconsistent with these Special Terms shall remain binding and effective.


All plans are available in WIRED GPON technology only. Plan availability is subject to area serviceability.

  • Plan 1699 (Up to 150 Mbps) Unli - Data Only plan
  • Plan 2099 (Up to 300 Mbps) Unli - Data Only plan
  • Plan 2499 (Up to 500 Mbps) Unli
  • Plan 3499 (Up to 800 Mbps) Unli
  • Plan 7499 (Up to 1 Gbps) Unli
  • Others


All subscription applications for new Globe At Home Subscribers and change plans for existing subscribers  are subject to Globe rules, policies and regulatory terms and conditions.

This promo applies to Filipino and non-Filipino subscribers.


  • HBO GO (3 months)
  • Viu (3 months)
  • Amazon Prime Video (3 months)
  • KonsultaMD Family Plan (3 months)
  • Disney+ Premium (12 months - Plan 2499, 3499 and 7499)

These free contents are not refundable/convertible to cash if unused partially or completely.

Redemption of Disney+, HBO GO, Viu and KonsultaMD may be done via the GlobeOne app.  These vouchers should be redeemed within 30 days of installation/plan upgrade confirmation. 

Prime Video can only be availed via email. An email with the redemption link will be sent by [email protected] to the customer's registered email address. This voucher should be renderred within 20 days of installation/plan upgrade confirmation.

Failure to redeem the free content vouchers within the allowable period shall forfeit the offer. Content access will be terminated for customers who do not give their confirmation to extend by the end of the free trial. Further, it shall be terminated if a subscriber downgrades to GFiber plans that are not eligible for the free content offers or if the subscriber terminates his/her plan.


For Plans 2499 and above, there is one-time, on-demand home assessment and installation of devices. Customers may request via hotline within the lock-up period.


For Plans 2099 and below, Landline is not included and cannot be purchased as an add-on.

For Plans 2499 and above, Landline comes with:

  • Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM (24 months)
  • Unlimited Calls to local area landline numbers
  • Free Globe NDD Calls

Calls made to non-Globe and international calls will be charged accordingly and are not covered by the promo.

Unlimited calls to Globe/TM access will be terminated for customers who do not give their confirmation starting on the 25th month.


The installation fee worth Two Thousand Four Hundred Pesos (₱2,400) will be paid via installments over the first Twelve (12) monthly bills.

For No Lock-Up option for Pre-qualified subscribers, installation fee is paid upfront. 

Installation fee may be waived for pre-qualified promos. Pre-qualified promo conditions shall apply.

Free Installation Promo (worth ₱2,400) is applicable to Existing Mobile Customers with at least seven months tenure for Plans 1699 and up with lock-up.


The standard fees below shall apply should the subscriber decide to terminate his/her account at any time within the twenty-four (24)-month lock-up period (for Plan 1699 and above).

Modem fee (GPON/VDSL) of ₱4,500 + 2 Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) + balance of any amortization 

Once the Pre-Termination Fees are paid by the subscriber, the ownership of the modem and Device will be transferred to the subscriber and the same need not be returned to Globe.


There is none for a 24-month lock-up. For no lock-up, it is ₱4,500 (VDSL and GPON).


Monthly charges for the content availed of by the subscriber will be billed on top of the Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) of the subscribed plan. Content’s monthly charges are as follows:

  • Amazon Prime Video: ₱300/month starting on the 4th month  
  • Viu: ₱99/month starting on the 4th month
  • KonsultaMD: ₱150/month starting on the 4th month
  • HBO GO: ₱149/month starting on the 4th month
  • Disney+ Premium: ₱369/month starting on the 13th month

Globe reserves the right to add, delete or modify any or all of the offerings under the Globe At Home plans. For more details, kindly visit


Installations made on the same day of submission of application forms to direct sales agents are temporary in nature and subject to the conduct of full verification of the required supporting documents. Acceptance and approval of application is subject to Globe’s sole discretion and policy.


Default lock-up period for new subscribers will be twenty four (24)  months unless the ‘No lock up’ option is availed, in which case, the subscriber would have to pay for the modem device upfront (P4,500 - VDSL/Fiber) plus the installation fee of Php 2,400.00.