Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program all about?

Selected Globe Prepaid customers with high GScores are eligible to buy Apple products using GGives, GCash’s Buy Now, Pay Later - installment program.

Who is eligible for this Globe Prepaid exclusive offer with GGives and Apple?

This is open to pre-selected Globe Prepaid customers who received a text invite from Globe.

What are Apple models included in this promo?

You can choose from the following models:

Model   Memory   ColorBundleSRP
   iPhone SE 64GB (3rd generation)   64GB   Midnight or Starlight   P300 Globe Prepaid Load Card   P28,099.00
   iPhone SE 128GB (3rd generation)   128GB   Midnight or Starlight   P300 Globe Prepaid Load Card   P30,899.00

*Prices subject to change

Are the Apple devices Globe-locked?


If I purchase a device, will my GCash be automatically charged the full amount?

No. GGives is GCash’ installment program. There are no charges when you check out your device online.

Are the devices brand new? Is it covered by warranty? If I have concerns with my Apple device, where should I report?

Yes, devices sold by Globe are brand new and are covered by Apple’s 1-year warranty. Should there be any concerns with the device, you may directly go to an Apple Service Center. If the effect is found within 7 days, go to a Globe Store near you.

When is my first payment?

Your first payment will be 30 days after you check out your device. There’s also an auto-deduct feature on GCash so make sure that you have enough GCash balance in your account.

What are the installment terms?

You can choose to pay your installments in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

When is my GCash - GGives due date?

Depending on your installment terms, your due date is every 30-day interval.

How much is the interest rate of GGives?

GGives gives 2.49% to 4.99% monthly interest rate.

Is the interest already included in the monthly amount due?

Yes, the interest rate is already included in your monthly dues.

What happens when I don’t have funds in my GCash wallet during my due date?

GCash will collect the corresponding amount when you cash in. Note that this will already incur additional fees.

If I fail to pay on time, will there be an additional fee?

Yes, you will incur a fixed penalty of P100 for 1 day-late payments, and additional 0.15% x your total outstanding balance x days late for succeeding days. For more information about GGives, visit