Experience reliable prepaid internet for you and the entire family, that is not just easy to install but also easy on the budget.


Free 10GB


Easy to install, plug and play


up to 6 devices


2X stronger signal and wider coverage* vs. Old Globe Pocket WiFi


Bigger data allocations, faster browsing speeds, and more entertainment content are available with our fixed Globe At Home broadband plans.


  • Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi

    Make Online Learning Possible for More Students
    Access to learning has become increasingly limited ever since the pandemic hit the world. Each day, a student struggles to find stable connectivity for his or her online education at home. But the most affected sector of this shift for digitalization is the students in public schools.

    You can make a difference and help our learners get the education that they deserve.

    For every purchase of Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, P100 of the proceeds will be donated to raise funds in providing selected public school students with FREE WIFI MODEMS.

    A small donation can make a big impact. Give a helping hand today!

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Check out these data promos exclusive to Prepaid WiFi subscribers.

  Data Allocation Freebie Total Validity Price
HomeWATCH 199 6GB 4GB/day 34GB 7 Days 199
HomeWATCH 599 15GB 4GB/day 75GB 15 Days 599
HomeWATCH 999 20GB 4GB/day 140GB 30 Days 999
HomeWATCH 1499 80GB 4GB/day 200GB 30 Days 1499

A seamless internet experience has never been this easy. But it can be with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. Don't worry about having your show interrupted by a choppy signal, or your gaming session devolving into a lag-filled temper tantrum. Thanks to Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, you can enjoy reliable prepaid internet connection that's fast and user-friendly.

If you want to know more about our Home Prepaid WiFi, customer reviews are available on this page. Get your own Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi now, here at the Globe Online Shop!


Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi
Experience convenience at home at an affordable price. Unlike Broadband postpaid plans, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi offers flexible internet promos based on your budget and needs. Get this Broadband internet for your whole family and surf all you want without monthly fees or lockup periods. Create a home new level with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi!

Convenient and Easy to Use
Quick, easy to set up, and no installation needed. Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi is user-friendly and convenient for everyone, just plug your prepaid WiFi, load it up, and enjoy your daily binge-watching, gaming, and internet surfing.

Budget-Friendly Internet Connection
Enjoy different Globe prepaid promos with your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. Worry less about reaching your monthly data allocation early, and feel free to load up your WiFi with different promos based on your budget and needs.

Find a promo that fits your budget and maximize your internet browsing at home. For only P999, get the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi today at the Globe Online Shop!

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