Enjoy a reliable prepaid internet connection that's fast and user-friendly. Just plug and load then surf and play at home to your heart's content! Clear free TV channels, a router and a streaming device are all rolled into the Xtreme Home Prepaid WiFi!


1M Videos, Shows, and Movies


Local TV Channels in HD


Shareable up to 6 devices, up to 2X stronger, and 2X wider coverage vs. Old Globe Pocket WiFi

*Versus Pocket WiFi coverage. ASC Ref No. G096P020218G

*Works best in areas with high LTE and TV broadcast signal.


Bigger data allocations, faster browsing speeds, and more entertainment content are available with our fixed Globe At Home broadband plans.

Treat your family to an all-in-one internet experience with Xtreme Home Prepaid Wifi! With its up to 2X stronger and wider signal vs old Globe pocket wifi, you can take your online experience to a home new level!

Now, you can access 1M videos and movies and level up your home entertainment with its Internet TV. Go all out and have a karaoke party with its videoke-ready feature, and get instant help with voice command powered by Google Assistant.

Boost your prepaid internet connection at home for an affordable price with our prepaid promos. High-speed internet, huge data allocation perfect for your family's daily agendas and to-dos.

With just one touch, load, track and manage your Prepaid Home Wifi with the Globe At Home app!

Check out these data promos exclusive to Prepaid WiFi subscribers.


Enjoy 34GB with FREE 4GB of video streaming daily only with HOMEWATCH promos. Access a wide range of entertainment & streaming sites like YouTube, iWant, iFlix, TikTok, and NBA.

  Data Allocation Freebie Total Validity Price
HomeWATCH 199 6GB 4GB/day 34GB 7 Days 199
HomeWATCH 599 15GB 4GB/day 75GB 15 Days 599
HomeWATCH 999 20GB 4GB/day 140GB 30 Days 999
HomeWATCH 1499 80GB 4GB/day 200GB 30 Days 1499

You can opt for the HOMESURF promos, and enjoy 22GB of data perfect for your online classes and work-from-home tasks for only P199. Have a seamless, uninterrupted online experience with our prepaid promos.

  Open Access Data Freebie Total Data Validity Price
HomeSURF 199 15GB 1GB/day 22GB 7 Days 199
HomeSURF 599 40GB 1GB/day 55GB 15 Days 599
HomeSURF 999 70GB 1GB/day 100GB 30 Days 999
HomeSURF 1499 100GB 1GB/day 130GB 30 Days 1499

3-IN-1 Home Entertainment

High definition Internet TV


Clear Free Channels


Fast Internet WiFi at Home


Big things come in small packages!

The Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid is loaded with features. Sing karaoke with the family, cast your phone to your TV, or take your pick from an assortment of games from the Play Store.

Sing Karaoke with Xtreme Prepaid WiFi

N O  M O N T H L Y  F E E.  J U S T  L O A D  U P  T O  E N J O Y !

Xtreme Home Prepaid WiFi
Xtreme Home Prepaid WiFi is a 3-in-1 device that can revolutionize how you relax at home. Scroll on to learn more about its many features and capabilities.

More than just a modem, Xtreme Home Prepaid Wi-Fi takes prepaid broadband in the Philippines a notch higher. Just plug it into your WiFi router, and you're guaranteed an eye-opening Smart TV experience. This prepaid WiFi will definitely open up a world of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends at the click of a button.

Streaming Made Easier
Xtreme Home Prepaid Wi-Fi offers smooth TV and online streaming for you and your loved ones to enjoy all from the comfort of your living room. Take pleasure in choosing from thousands of movies and shows to binge-watch.

First-Class Quality for an Affordable Price
Load up your modem and get fast internet speed at home. Forget using your hotspot and consuming mobile data. Globe's Xtreme Home Prepaid Wi-Fi is your ticket to a better browsing and streaming experience.

A high-speed connection for an affordable price upgrade how you enjoy online at home with Xtreme Home Prepaid Wi-Fi. Get this 3-in-1 home entertainment system for your family today, here at the Globe Online Shop!