Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is this program all about?

Selected Globe Prepaid customers with high GScore are eligible to buy products using GGives (GCash Buy Now, Pay Later installment program).

Who is eligible for this Globe Prepaid offer?

This is open to to all Globe Prepaid customers. You can purchase the offer in Globe Online Shop.

What is the main payment option?

There are three payment options available: cash-on-delivery (COD) , Gcash via GGives, and credit card installment via HSBC & BPI.

Where can I purchase the products?

You can purchase the products in Globe Online Shop.

Can I purchase multiple devices?


Are the devices Globe-locked?


What are the products included in this promo?

You can choose from the following models:

  Model   Memory   ColorSRP
   Samsung Galaxy S23   128GB   Cotton Flower      P49,900.00   
   Samsung Galaxy S23   256GB   Cotton Flower   P53,990.00
   Samsung Galaxy S23+   256GB   Misty Lilac   P68,990.00
   Samsung Galaxy S23+   512GB   Misty Lilac   P76,990.00
   Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra      256GB   Botanic Green   P81,990.00
   Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra   512GB   Botanic Green   P89,990.00

*Prices subject to change

Are the devices brand new? Is it covered by warranty? If I have concerns with my device, where should I report?

Yes, devices sold by Globe are brand new. Should there be any concerns with the device, you may directly go to an Samsung Service Center or Apple Service Center. If the effect is found within 7 days, go to a Globe Store near you.

When is my first payment?

Your first payment will be 30 days after you check out your device.

What are the installment terms?

You can choose to pay your installments in 3, 6, 9, 12, and 24 months.

Is the interest already included in the monthly amount due?

Yes, the interest rate is already included in your monthly dues.

What happens when I don’t have funds in my GCash wallet during my due date?

GCash will collect the corresponding amount when you cash in. Note that this will already incur additional fees.

If I fail to pay on time, will there be an additional fee?

Yes. Php 100.00 fixed penalty for day late payments and additional 0.15% x your total outstanding balance x days late for succeeding days.

GCash GGives

What is GGives?

GGives is GCash’s simple and easy installment payment option. You can get what you want today, and pay over time through light and flexible installments, even without a credit card.

Where can I find GGives on GCash?

Go to the GCash app and click "GGives" to check your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be able to view your interest rate and maximum loan limit.

Why should I use GGives?

You can shop up to 50k worth of products, with zero down payment and processing fees. You have control over your monthly payments – choose to pay twice a month or every month.

Where can I use GGives?

You may use GGives as a payment option only with GGives-enabled partners. For the full list of partners, you may refer to this link:

Can I use GGives to purchase multiple items?

Yes, you can purchase a combination of items as long as all items will be checked-out one time. Make sure that the final checkout price meets your spending limit and the minimum amount indicated in your GGives profile.

Can I use GGives for another purchase if I haven’t used up my spending limit?

No, you may not use GGives if you currently have an active loan. You must fully pay back your existing GGives loan in order to keep using GGives.

How can I repay my GGives loan?

You may choose to repay your loans any time.

  1. Just look for GGives on the GCash dashboard > Select Pay for GGives > Enter the amount to be paid > Select what you’ll pay for (monthly due or in gives) > Confirm your payment.
  2. An auto-deduct feature is also available if you have enough balance in your GCash wallet to pay for the amount due. Just make sure that your GCash wallet has enough funds on your due date so that our auto-deduct feature can deduct money and pay for your loan.
  3. Be sure to pay on time to avoid any penalty fees.