Subscriber’s Declaration

  1. I hereby confirm that the foregoing information is true and correct, that supporting documents attached hereto are genuine and authentic, and that I voluntarily submitted said information and documents for the purpose of facilitating my application to the Service.

  2. I hereby further confirm that I applied for and, once my application is approved, that I have voluntarily availed of the plans, products, and/or services chosen by me in this application form as well as the inclusions and special features of such plans, products, and/or services, and that any enrollment I have indicated herein has been knowingly made by me.

  3. I hereby authorize Globe Telecom, Inc./Innove Communication, Inc./Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. (hereinafter “you”) or any person or entity authorized by you to verify any information about me and/or documents available from whatever source including but not limited to (i) your subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, and/or their third-party service providers; or (ii) banks, credit card companies, and other lending and/or financial institutions, and I hereby authorize the controller and/or processor of such information and/or document, as the same is defined in Republic Act No. 10173 (otherwise known as the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”), or any amendment or modification of the same, to confirm, release, and verify the existence, truthfulness, and/or accuracy of such information and/or document.

  4. I give you permission to use, disclose, and share with your subsidiaries and affiliates including but not limited to Globe Capital Venture Holdings, Inc. [917 Ventures], G-Xchange, Inc. [GCash], Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc. [Mynt], Fuse Lending, Inc. [Fuse], AdSpark, Inc. [AdSpark], Kickstart Ventures, Inc. [Kickstart], Globe Telehealth, Inc. [KonsultaMD], Electronic Commerce Payments, Inc. [ECPay], Asticom Technology, Inc. [Asticom], and Yondu, Inc. [Yondu] (hereinafter “subsidiaries and affiliates”), partners, and third-party service providers, all information contained in this application about me and my subscription, my network and connections, my service usage and payment patterns, information about the device and equipment I use to access your service, websites and apps used in your services, information from your subsidiaries and affiliates, partners, and third-party service providers including third-party advertisers, and any data or analytics derived therefrom, in whatever form (hereinafter “Personal Information”), for the following purposes: processing any application or request for availment of any product and/or service which they order, improving your/their products and services, credit investigation and scoring, advertising and promoting new products and services, to the end of improving my and/or the public’s customer experience.

  5. I consent to your subsidiaries and affiliates’, partners’, and third-party service providers’ disclosure to you of any Personal Information in their possession to achieve any of the purposes stated above.

  6. I hereby likewise authorize you, your subsidiaries and affiliates, partners, and third-party service providers to send me SMS alerts or any communication, advertisement, or promotional material pertaining to any new or current product and/or service offered by you, your subsidiaries and affiliates, partners, and third-party service providers.

  7. I acknowledge and agree to the holding period for the relevant service availed of. If I choose to downgrade my plan, transfer any rights or obligations of my subscription, or pre-terminate or cancel my subscription within the Holding Period then I agree to pay the relevant fees, charges, and penalties imposed by you. Further, I acknowledge and agree that any transaction (e.g. Bill Adjustment, Reconnection, Plan Renewal, Change Plan (Upgrade / Downgrade), Plan Construct Modification, Customer Details Modification, Spending Limit Adjustment, Termination Request, Temporary Disconnection, Reset Call Barring, Change Number) within the Holding Period or renewal made through any channel (e.g. Hotline, GlobeOne, G of Globe) are made by me as a subscriber who has the control and discretion and is, therefore, valid and will be honored by me.

  8. I am aware of the fees, rates, and charges relevant to the service availed of and I agree to pay the same within the due date. I understand that I will be subject to, and hereby agree and undertake to pay, interest, and penalties for late payment or non-payment stated in the Terms and Conditions.

  9. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of our Subscription Agreement and that I shall strictly comply and abide by these terms and conditions and any future amendments thereto.

  10. All devices purchased through Globe postpaid will be subject to the warranty terms and conditions of the device manufacturer beyond Globe's seven-day replacement policy. Any liabilities related to the device shall be borne and handled by the device manufacturer.

  11. I acknowledge that the handset provided by Globe Telecom, Inc. for my subscription remains to be owned by Globe Telecom. Inc. until such time that my subscription is out of lock-up/holding period and fully paid. Unlocking of Globe issued devices are subject to business policies.

  12. I understand that if I request for number porting, approval is subject to Globe business policies. All existing services related to my mobile number will no longer be available and forfeited once ported.

  13. I am aware that my plan has a default Spending Limit, which is the amount that I can spend for services outside my plan within a specific billing period. When I reach this amount, my outgoing services (calls, texts, data) may be disabled to help me manage my spending. I am aware that I can change the Spending Limit amount through Globe self-service channels, hotline, or Globe Store subject to the approval of Globe under existing criteria, terms, and conditions. I acknowledge that Globe reserves the sole right to review the criteria for the increase or decrease of the Spending Limit and revise the Spending Limit criteria, terms, and conditions.

  14. I understand that the collection and use of my Personal Information shall be in accordance with Republic Act No. 10173 (otherwise known as the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”) and Globe’s Privacy Policy.

  15. I have read Globe’s Privacy Policy. I accept Globe’s Privacy Policy and understand that it may be updated from time to time to reflect current changes in Globe’s policy and the law.

  16. I agree that this Subscription Agreement shall govern our relationship as long as I avail of Globe services covered by this agreement.

  17. I shall not terminate nor downgrade my plan. Otherwise, the following fees will be charged against me:

  1. Gadget Penalty Fee is the penalty imposed for not completing the holding period specified in the service contract.

  2. Handset Base Price (HBP) refers to the price of the device at the point of plan subscription.

  3. Cashout refers to the amount required from the customer to avail of the device at a certain plan.

  4. Unpaid Monthly Installment refers to the portion of the cashout that has not been paid by the customer in cases of installment arrangement.

  5. Admin Fees are charged by Globe for service and account modifications (e.g. change number, pre-termination, transfer of ownership).

18. If I am designated as a withholding agent by the Bureau of Internal Revenue I shall submit electronically the BIR Forms 2307 and 2306, as applicable, via Globe's eCWT Portal. The eCWT Portal is a platform that enables online end-to-end handling and processing of CWT certificates and is accessible via this link.